Thursday, December 9, 2010

Why I Don't Clean

Okay, it's not a reason why I don't clean the house.   Although I don't clean the house as often as I should, there is no reason, just excuses.    I think I might need to join a support group but that seems like an awful lot of work.  i do, however, have a great reason why I haven't yet cleaned up our patch of purple cone flowers.

Who am I to take a mid-afternoon snack and rest from this little guy, right?


  1. I don't clean up my garden until the early spring. I once heard a garden expert on the CBC talking about the birds sheltering in the garden over winter - now I tell that to anyone who comments. I love seeing the little birds in the garden over the winter months, nibbling at seed heads and sitting in the bushes I didn't cut back!

  2. I will be in your support group. I don't clean either. :) Who has time when we are living our lives hanging out with our kids?

    I keep my garden as is until spring, too. Sadly, the odd time my MIL gets to my garden when she's watching Isaac and I'm out...then whe cuts EVERY THING down. URG!

  3. I now feel much better about the jobs I thought I'd left undone:)

  4. Funny!
    Great pic too...I'd just leave your garden be...can't disturb the poor little birdies right? ;-)


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