Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 2 and a Star Fish

This morning the boys awoke to pinwheel cookies in our little elf stocking.  The cookies were a little more labour intensive than I thought they would be but well worth it.  We'll be making paper origami stars later this evening.

Here are yesterday's gumdrop trees.

They perhaps look more like something from an episode of Dr. Who but much prettier.  Keegan's gumdrop trees morphed into . . .

Oddly, I think these are very pretty too and can almost guarantee that they will be hung from the tree in some manner.

The mail carrier was good to me yesterday.  I received this little starfish all the way from British Columbia.

k from fog and swell hand stitched this from repurposed wool.  I recommend checking out her shop.  Her creations and photography are beautiful.  Now we have a little piece of the west coast in our living room.  Oh, the little paper stars also came in the package.  So freakin' cute!


  1. i love the holidays at your house. i want to make those gumdrop trees next year when we live in a place where gumdrops and styrofoam cones are available. we're very lacking in the crafty department here.... i'm a busy knitting fool this holiday season because i have family coming to visit and they're all getting knitwear! : )

  2. p.s. did you embroider the stockings yourself as well? amaaaazing.. i love the work you did. are they from a book, a pattern?

  3. Okay, that is one lucky family you have coming to visit. They get to visit St. Maarten and get knitwear?! I did embroider the stocking. The pattern is a free one from here

  4. Ah, I love that you bought one of the starfish ornaments!! They are one of my favourite things in her shop.

    The gumdrop rays (?) are really cool.

  5. First of all, my husband and I are huge Doctor Who fans; love discovering that my friends are fans too. :)

    The gum drop trees turned out really sweet and do kind of look like a dalek. Very cool!

    Your embroidery is gorgeous. That is something I really want to get better at. Thanks for the patten. I'm going to check it out. xo

  6. The stocking is totally cute it! And Keegan's "trees"...adorable and very retro them!

  7. I adore how bright and cheerful it all is. Such great stockings!

  8. i love the little embroidered elf in the top photo - good work! looks like you are having fun with the advent calender. and glad you got your package!


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