Friday, December 10, 2010

Pebbles and Light

In the gloom of this afternoon, I had an urge to put a tealight in an old glass jar.  I knew exactly which jar I wanted to use.   I found the jar perhaps ten years ago in a little consignment shop in Guelph, Ontario but have since lost its glass lid.   I love this jar.  The only problem is it is a fairly tall jar, too tall and thin to reach your hand into and light a candle.  Fortunately, i collect stones and pebbles, most of which I keep in a large bowl all together.  I like having them in the bowl because it makes them accessible when you just want to play with them or look at them.  However, all of my small stones fall to the bottom and are overlooked.  Those overlooked pebbles, shells and bits of sea glass have become the focal points, the stars, of my new lantern.

I'm looking forward to the darkness tonight.


  1. Very pretty. I have some of those old jars with glass lids; left to me when my grandma passed away. What a beautiful way to enjoy the darkness. If only you had some caramel corn. :)

  2. oh so pretty - i really like how you have set that up. a nice glow on what looks like a cold night.

  3. Beautiful. Jar, stones, light. . . what a nice combination. If imitation is the highest form of flattery, you should feel flattered. I am going to do this (even though my stones are not as interesting as some of yours!).

  4. Pretty...I love it when the wax overflows and melts all over the rocks and glass...I have one like that. I use different color candles so it's become quite "art" piece!

    Great use for those old jars whose lids have gone mia!!

  5. Oh that tealight amongst the pebbles looks beautiful.


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