Friday, December 17, 2010


peppermint bark
lemon bars
After baking for the family get-together tomorrow which has changed venues from our house to my mom's house due to the fact that our septic system is kaput ("i'm not thinking about it, i'm not thinking about it."  Sometimes ignorance brings a little bit of bliss.  Briefly.),  i got outside for a few minutes of . . . the outdoors.

Even though I am following in the footsteps of others, sometimes I like to think I am the first person to notice that berry.


  1. the berry shot is my favorite! your peppermint bark looks amazing. i was making some last night (from the soulemama link) and it turns out i do need to go get twice as much white chocolate - i didn't read the recipe with the whole 3 layer bit because the middle layer is a bit gooey. i hope they're good because they'll end up costing me almost $30.00... i'm all about making stuff yourself, but the williams sonoma peppermint bark is sooooo good!

  2. Great shots!!
    And that peppermint bark looks fabulous and so festive!

  3. Stunning photos Tara. I'm longing to get in to my backyard but the snow is still waist deep making it very difficult to photograph the outdoors. *Sigh* I'll live vicarioulsy through you. :)

    We have been doing so much baking lately too. Oh...and of my most favourite flavours. YUM!

  4. love all the photos - both of the sweet treats and the wonderful treasures outside. you've capture the beauty of winter so well.

  5. Beautiful photos. Sorry about your septic system. We just went through a fix this past spring. No fun, but now it seems history. The joys of home ownership!

  6. Ignorance has its place! Glad you took moments of bliss and took the photos. Beautiful! Love the new banner. Peppermint Bark. . . looks wonderful.


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