Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 3

This morning:  pinwheel cookies.  Tonight we will be relaxing and watching the Toronto Santa Claus Parade while munching on popcorn.  The parade actually happened a couple of weeks ago but we weren't able to watch it live so we recorded it to watch at our leisure.  Tonight is the night.  I've been watching this parade ever since I can remember.  It heralds in the holiday season for me.

Yesterday's origami stars could have went better.  I had meant to practice before the boys came home from school.  Well, that didn't happen and by the time we got around to it last night after supper, well.  Okay, I have this weird relationship with origami.  i love it.  I am in awe of what some people can make from paper.  I  imagine a room with hundreds of paper cranes hanging from the ceiling.  Sometimes, I can sit down and it will just click, you know.  Then there are those other times.  Last night was one of those other times.  i could not wrap myself around the instructions.  The words, the pictures, nothing made sense with what I held in my hands.  It perhaps didn't help that I kept hearing, "Mom, I thought we were making stars."  So did I.  I finally had to admit that I couldn't do it, that perhaps I'll be able to do it tomorrow.  Bless, Keegan, and his belief in me.  He just placed the paper into today's stocking and said, "We'll just make them on day 3 or may be day 24."  Mentally, I crossed my fingers while he poked another toothpick into a gumdrop.


  1. Great post Tara!
    Been there as a Mom too...somedays the "craft" thing just doesn't go well. :-p

    I love your room with hundreds of paper would be beautiful!!

  2. Fred's cousin's funeral is on the 18th and his girlfriend requested that if people could, to bring an origami crane - as it was the first thing that Christopher ever made her. So beautiful.

    I totally understand about not being "organized" when it comes to crafts. The cards we made yesterday were awesome and fun...but I didn't have stuff ready the night before so we spent the first half of the day trying to locate it...and when we couldn't we had to run to Michael's to get the paint. *Sigh* These things happen. :)

  3. I have a friend with cerebral palsy who has started to origami with her toes! Stuns, amazes, and inspires me. Here's a link to her site. There's a video of her patient and persistent work on there.

    My mind and fingers get all tangled in the process--but I do love to see it!


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