Monday, December 27, 2010

Becoming Reacquainted

I'm starting to think that Christmas food should have its own group on the Food guide.  Cookies, chocolate, wine.  Since becoming vegetarian a couple of years ago, my favourite holiday food has been missing on my seasonal plate -- gravy.  Not any more, my friends, not any more.  Honestly, I don't miss the turkey but I was becoming a little resentful of others' gravy laden plates.  So this year, I decided to try whipping up some mushroom gravy along with Tofurkey.  Yep, I said Tofurkey (my family still can't pronounce it) and I speak the truth when I say that it was pretty good.  But this is all about the gravy.  Oh, gravy, how I have missed you.    And now you are back.  As a result, this Christmas season, I not only indulged in sweets but I also indulged a little more than usual when it came to the Christmas Day feast for the mushroom gravy was good, really good.  Oh, gravy.  I swear you could slather it on bread and make it a meal.  Oh, wait.  I did do that.

So after becoming reacquainted with gravy, I decided that I should become reacquainted with my old friend yoga.  I awoke early this morning, still with a full belly, and unrolled my yoga mat while the rest of the house slept.  It was quiet.  Aside from a couple of times, I think I can say that I haven't practiced yoga in about 2 years.  I just stopped making the time.  And when you are on the cusp of turning 40, well, two years can mean quite a difference in one's flexibility.  My body didn't move into the postures quite as naturally as they have in the past but that didn't hinder my enjoyment of my early morning yoga.

Two lovely old friends.  Hopefully, I will enjoy one more often than the other.  Yes, I am talking about yoga but the prospect of poutine may be in my near future.


  1. a great post Tara! I am the official "gravy maker" of many a family gathering - although admittedly ours is made with meat drippings. but i enjoyed it liberally over the past few days, and was also thinking a reacquaintance with yoga might be just about due. thanks for adding some additional motivation, knowing there is someone else out there doing the same!

  2. Nice post...glad to hear that you were able to enjoy your gravy! I agree that the Holiday plate would be lacking without it. As for the yoga thing, I'm not very flexible, though I do enjoy a class now and then...and yes...having already hit the big 40...I understand the need to stay limber!

  3. Fascinating combination. . . gravy and yoga:) You combined them so well! Gravy is a sentimental food for me from so many family dinners, while yoga makes me feel so much better when I practice. Unfortunately, the holidays squeezed out my yoga class, and my hips can really feel it. I'm glad for this reminder!

  4. morning + yoga = my favorite things!

  5. hehehe... i need to get back on my mat. for me a week away is enough to give me creaks in my joints... a little gravy tip - there are great recipes in the cookbook veganomicon. i think i'll have to send it to you when i get the time... enjoy your yoga and gravy!

  6. I totally hear you on both fronts. I love a good turkey gravy...but a well made mushroom gravy is amazing and I love it so. How great that you were able to indulge in such a treat again.

    And as for the yoga - Oh boy. I taught yoga for seven years, and two years ago I gave up teaching to be home more. I have to be honest, I've done little yoga in the last two years and my body is suffering for it. I'll be 38 next week and I'm afraid I'll never recover what I've lost but I'm determinded to try. I have also vowed to return to my mat. Let's check in with each other now and then to see how we are doing...okay? :) xo


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