Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 1 and Yarn Along

Over the weekend, Keegan realized how close December 1st was.  Since then, it's been a long four days for the boys as they waited for today to arrive.  Last night, our Advent calendar was hung.  This will be our second year using this Advent calendar.  Each stocking is made from upcycled denim, cotton or linen and embellished with wool felt and embroidery.  Many evenings last December were spent finishing the stocking for the following morning.  It's nice to just have to worry about filling the stockings this year.  As far as the filling is concerned, last year I put a small toy for each of the boys in each stocking, only to see most of the trinkets tossed aside shortly afterwards.  This year I've decided to put chocolate in each (yes, chocolate first thing in the morning) and a note describing a craft or activity for that day.

I thought we could all do the countdown together.  Each day I'll show our Advent stocking for that day since each is different.  As you can tell from the above picture, I didn't iron the stockings before hanging them.  Confession:  I don't iron.  I found out this weekend that my mother didn't even think we owned an iron and ironing board.  We do.  I just don't use either too much.  Oh, except to iron fabric when I sew.

Today when Keegan gets home from school we'll be making gumdrop trees.  Quinnie has already told me he'll probably be eating more gumdrops than making a tree.  I didn't pretend to be shocked.

I'm joining Ginny for Yarn Along this week.

I'm currently reading a book that I had started several months ago and then misplaced.  I found it under a pile yesterday.  The Library at Night by Alberto Manguel is about the role of libraries throughout civilization and it is a great book.  In addition to taking the reader into his own personal library, he walks us through libraries throughout the world and history.  On my needles is a pair of convertible mittens.

Wishing everyone a wonderful start to the season, maybe with little chocolate surprises too.


  1. I love your stockings and look forward to seeing the convertible mittens!

  2. Love your Advent calendar...too fun!

    My boys love the "chocolate" cardboard ones with doors that you open and inside is a shaped chocolate...this morning was a train...yes a chocolate train for breakfast...well actually it was the appetizer before the bowl of cereal.

    Oh only get to be a kid once and December only comes once a year!

    24 days of chocolate in a row...can't be all bad...right? ;-)

  3. Meeling, My boys each have one of those also. Their grandmother gave it to them. Shh, don't tell anyone about the double chocolate before breakfast. Coincidentally, this morning's chocolate was shaped like a train too.

  4. Adore the Advent stockings--so creative and fun!

    And now I want to read that book after the holidays:)

  5. Those stockings look like a labor of love--beautiful. And, oh my, a book about libraries??? I just might have to track that one down!

  6. I love your advent stockings! I had an idea to make a homemade Advent calendar, but I didn't have time, I got to distracted by another project and now I regret it!!
    So cute!

  7. Stockings are a great idea for an Advent Calendar! I definately intend to make some sort of thing like this for Miss Six to use next year - this year we were too busy making rainbow ornaments for our rainbow themed tree! I read a clever idea recently about someone who used a few adjoining pieces of a puzzle as the advent prize each day so over the month the puzzle was put together to reveal a beautiful Christmas scene just in time for Christmas Day. I know Miss Six would adore doing that...though I'm pretty sure a few choccies along the way wouldn't go astray!!

    Oh, and I just have to say, I don't iron either! I won't tell your secret if you don't tell mine ;)

  8. oooh! i love your advent calendar! i made one of paper bags this year inspired by christina at moment to moment - post to come - but, i'm excited to see what you'll do each day. i've been putting a craft in each day myself. yesterday was red glitter to make festive play-do and today we made candle holders for our advent wreath. i have been so busy i have yet to do my yarn along post... am going to try to do it now - in the midst of catching up on blogs and making lunch!

  9. Love your advent calendar and that you are sharing each day. We have made an advent wreath at our home this year and hopefully lighting it with a prayer each night.

  10. Cool project and awesome advent calendar. We always had the cardboard/papery chocolate ones growing up. I like the idea of making litte sacks with goodies. We do our stockings on Dec. 6th for St. Nicholas day, so that is one great it might be too much...but in any of these years, I'll have to come up with a homemade count down calendar.

  11. What a wonderful advent calender, so creative!


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