Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Crafting: Covered Stone

With the arrival of fall, I'm finding the time to squeeze in a little extra crafting time on Saturday afternoon.  But I haven't been doing my usual knitting -- socks, mittens, slippers -- you know, useful stuff.  Instead I have been wanting to make something that is pretty, something that makes my husband ask, "What are you going to do with it?"  My answer:  "Look at it.  May be pick it up and touch it every now and then."  I'm hoping that each Monday I will be able to share my weekend craft with you here.

Several months ago I discovered Margaret Oomen's beautiful covered stones.  She has a wonderful blog full of inspiring projects and photos.  I finally found the time this past weekend to sort through my rock collection and pick a stone to cover with crochet.

I added a piece of sea glass from my collection to this photo.

The two other rocks in this photo came all the way from Prince Edward Island courtesy of my father.  You can even see some of that famous PEI red dirt in the crevices.  Driftwood is from the shores of Lake Huron collected by Keegan.

The tutorial I used can be found at The Purl Bee .  This won't be the last stone I cover.  I love it!  By the way, he did ask, "And what are you going to do with it?"


  1. ahhhhhhhh! Did you already know I have a covered stone obsession?!!! You can see my collection all lined up in this post:

    Yours is gorgeous!! You'll soon have a house full of them just like I do. :D

  2. I love that golden thread you used. It reminds me of some of the trees in algonquin park yesterday.
    I bet you are hooked already:)

  3. So pretty. Does there need to be reason?
    Donna x


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