Friday, September 24, 2010

Meet Stewie

Quinn and I spent the morning getting to know Stewie the goat at Dutch Mill Country Market.  I have always enjoyed goats wherever we happen to run into them which makes it sound like we just meet goats around the neighbourhood.  We don't.  I mean at petting zoos and farms.  I can only wish it was around the neighbourhood.   They jump, they head butt, they eat food out of your hands.  Very cute and then you leave.  (As an aside, as a child, my husband was butted by a goat and has a bit of a phobia.  He would never admit it.  I don't know how he did in the first place.  Oh wait, yes, I do.  His brother told me.  We have been teasing Mike for at least 15 years.  We think it's hilarious, Mike does not.  Back to Stewie ...)  Stewie is not one of those crazy little  goats.  Stewie is one of those goats that makes you want to have a pet goat.  He's quiet.  He likes to be petted, truly petted.  He follows you around the yard.  We fell in love with Stewie.  Interestingly, Stewie is the mascot for one of the local Santa Claus parades and leads the parade through town . . . until he gets tired.

Here are a few more pictures from our morning.

I think this chicken is so pretty but she did not really want me to take a picture of her.  (If this is a rooster, I won't be embarassed if you let me know.)  Then I spied her asleep on the ground by the bunny hatch.  Here was my chance or so I thought.  She heard me and did not seem at all pleased with me.  I'm actually kind of glad she woke up before I took her picture because she kind of looked like she was dead and then I would have looked like the person who takes pictures of dead animals.  I'm not.

An outing wouldn't be complete without a baked good treat, in this case, a yummy butter tart.

 We will be returning tomorrow but with Keegan.  I think he's going to like Stewie too.

And finally, I'm working on a pair of felted slippers.  i love felting wool.  It turns knitted fabric into the most amazing fabric.  They don't look like much now but just wait until next week sometime.


  1. Tara, you make me laugh! Glad you liked Dutch Mill. I have a funny picture of Stewie (is that his real name btw?) Remind me to tell you about Yee Haw Adventure Farm. Oh and I love the plum colour of the new slippers!

  2. Hi there! I just made my way over from Meet Me At Mikes... and I have to say that I adore goats too! What with their horns and their little goaty eyes and cute noses, they always look like they are up to complete mischief!!


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