Monday, September 20, 2010

Like A Chipmunk's Cheeks

So many acorns, so little pocket space.  On our walk this morning, Quinn collected acorns -- big ones, small ones, green ones, brown ones.  Caps on the acorns were optional but an intact cap (no nut) was quite a find.  The only issue was a definite lack of storage space, on  my part anyways.  He didn't want to use his pockets. Perhaps he foresaw the deposit of sand at the bottom of the pocket.  He jammed those acorns into my pockets instead.  At the end of our walk, he described my pocket as looking "like a chipmunk's cheeks".  It was an accurate description.  My lip balm was in the same pocket.  It's now a little gritty.

Have you heard the beat of a swan's wings in flight?  We were lucky enough to hear it twice today.

What better way to end an adventure than with a with a new collection --  a 34 piece collection, to be exact.   The request for a knitted squirrel has already been made.  After all, if you have acorns, it only makes sense that you would have a squirrel, right?

Working on a new  pair of mittens for the shop.  I should be closer to completion than this.  Last night, at 10:30, just as I was starting to shape the top of the second mitten, I realized I had just knit two right-handed mittens.  Mike found this much funnier than I think he should have.

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