Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Little Spontaneous Needle Felting

I had focus this morning.  Make coffee and finish these mittens (one right, one left, by the way).  Simple mittens made from 100% Peruvian wool in a beautiful shade of aquamarine.  I love these mittens but as I was knitting them, I couldn't get it out of my head how good they would look with a little bit of natural white somewhere on the mitten.  But where?  This is the part where the spontaneous needle felting occurred.  ( Spontaneous needle felting?  Did I really write that?  Yep.  I need to get out more.)  I embellished each mitten with a little swirl and a couple of spots of green, just because I also love blue and green together.   They should be in the shop soon.

I came back from yesterday's walk with a little treasure too.  Some acorn caps, one of which I used to make this little ornament which will be included with a pair of mittens that just sold.  Mike gave me a look like he thinks I'm insane when I asked him to drill holes in the acorn cap but I don't think the requested surprised him that much.

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  1. Hi Tara, thanks for dropping by my blog. I've had a read through your blog- your writing style and photographs are lovely, I look forward to seeing more. And yum to the blueberry muffins and mittens.
    Donna x


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