Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Enter the Magic

I love the felting process.  First you knit a slipper.  What you have looks vaguely familiar but really funny because it is so huge . At this point in the process, it amuses me to try the oversized slipper on -- every time.  Can't help it.  It cracks me up.  Then comes the magic.  A washing machine, hot water and a little detergent.  Oh yeah, and a pair of old jeans and a tennis ball for extra agitation.  It's not for the faint of heart.  Add the knitted item and then you wait.  It is a little nerve wracking because you have just thrown a woolen item into a washing machine.  Crazy!  (I lead a very crazy life, I tell ya.)  But the end product is wonderful.  The fabric is thick and dense.  Warm and cozy.  Structured and durable.

These plum slippers will be in the shop later today.

Here's a little felted bowl I made several months ago.  It was in the shop but I liked it too much.  Now it houses our pine cone collection.  I'm the boss.  I'm allowed to do that.


  1. Hehe, just saw your comment over on Wise Craft, at first I chuckled your name is Tara then I realised you live where I live too. THEN I read you have 2 little boys, as do I. Just thought that was all very zany :)

  2. I've never felted anything but I would certainly love to give it a whirl. It looks like such fun! So nice to meet you.


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