Friday, October 1, 2010

The Tale of the Feline Robin Hood

I made these cute little wool acorns this morning using the acorn caps Q and I collected last week.  I also made the little wool balls last week using the wet felting technique.  Each acorn has a hemp string loop with which to hang it.  I think they would look so pretty on a  Christmas tree.   But I'm going to have to make more if I want some for my Christmas tree because these little acorns have a different fate.  I'm going to put one in each package I send when someone orders an item from my shop because getting a package is fun but having a little surprise in said package?   Even more fun.

I had a little company while I was assembling the acorns:

Isn't he handsome?  So serene.  So peaceful.  Yeah, until he sees wool balls and acorn caps.  This cat cannot resist felted balls or wool roving.  At the sight of either, his inner Robin Hood is released.  Wait, if he is Robin Hood, does that make me Friar Tuck?  Or Little John?  Or maybe Prince John?  Yeah, I guess Prince John.  (Excuse the blurriness.  I was caught off guard by his interest in what I was doing and the poor lighting, at least for me, it was poor lighting.)

Now he makes his move.  See that blur?  That's him trying to steal one of the acorn caps.

Shortly after this photo, Toby was escorted from the premises and acorn assembly went much smoother.  Prince John may have won this battle but no worry.  Robin Hood shall prevail.  (I'll give him his own felt ball and he'll be happy. . . until one of the boys steals it from him.)


  1. I really hope you sell these because I would love to buy some! I have someone in mind that I know would like these. I would love to buy them for myself actually but Christmas is approaching!

  2. p.s. I love the natural light coming in from the window on your precious kitty!

  3. Oh my, he is precious!!! I will never tire of cat photos on blogs- I say this as my Finn is running around the house at top speed being quite beastly.


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