Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Grandmother's Slippers

A couple of weeks ago, a friend asked if I could make a pair of slippers for her grandmother.  They had to be roomy, warm, non-slippery and a cheerful colour.  Maybe a flower too.  She wanted these slippers to keep her grandmother's feet warm at the same, bringing a smile to her face.  I was more than excited at the prospect of knitting a pair of slippers for someone's grandmother.

I think they turned out perfect.  These slippers are squishy soft and cushiony.  I love the "little old lady" flower and the mesh of pinks and purples.  I made a leather sole and hand stitched it to the sole so it is now non-slippery.  I think they are the perfect little grandmother slipper and I want to make a pair for myself and my inner little old lady.

My own grandmother died several years ago.  She always wore slippers around the house. I wish I could have knit a pair of slippers for the woman who knit so many pairs of mittens and socks for me.  I would like to think these would have been her everyday slippers as she worked in the kitchen or watched her shows from her favourite armchair.  I also remember the slippers my grandmother would wear on special occasions.  One pair in particular made quite an impression on me -- high heeled slippers with feather trim.  They were beautiful and dainty, probably not very warm but she looked great.  I love how the everyday things about a person such as their slippers can leave such an impression on others.

To end this post, here's an acorn that K found yesterday and some splashes of colour from my oh-so-neglected garden.  This was the year when I stopped deluding myself that I am a gardener.  I am not but I have great aspirations.


  1. i LOVE those slippers. i was just thinking today i needed a pair of little old lady slippers :) those look so warm & cozy

  2. Ditto! Those slippers are just perfect, Tara.


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