Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend Crafting: Another Covered Stone

Part of my Sunday afternoon was spent with this stone, some thread and a crochet hook.  Oh, and I can't forget that I was also joined by a cup of coffee followed by a glass of red wine.  This week though, I had a different plan.  Instead of using Margaret Oomen's pattern as given on the tutorial found here, I decided rather to use Margaret's stones and her work as inspiration and to do my own thing.  ( I almost said my own pattern but let's be honest.  There was no pattern.)  This was a big step for me because crochet and I have never really hit it off.  Having worn bell bottoms and ponchos as a child,  I can't say that I have ever been a fan of crochet.  (Remember seventies crochet?  Not terribly pretty stuff.)  Then, a couple of years ago, my opinion started to change.  I started to like crochet and I became eager to learn.  I attempted to teach myself but  I just couldn't seem to get it, to wrap my head around it.  Then, about six months ago, I tried crocheting in a circle and it clicked.  I soon discovered that the great thing about crochet is it is very forgiving, unlike my cat after I trim his nails.  Thus, with little experience, I was willing to try crocheting freestyle around this stone.  Crocheting talk has ended.  My apologies.  Who knew I could speak so passionately and at such length about crochet.

So I've got the stone,  the confidence and assorted beverages.  I start to crochet.  And crochet.  And crochet.  Because you see, I chose the biggest stone in my collection.  Look at it beside last week's stone.

That is one big stone.  I underestimated how much thread is required to cover a stone of this size.  Perhaps you have already noticed that there is a change in colour thread.  let's look at the back of the stone.

Yep, I ran out of green thread.  As I was using the red thread, I started thinking how the stone reminds me of the autumn leaves -- green, then yellow, then red with a little green peeking out again.  Or a Rastafarian beanie.  Take your pick.  Either way, I like it.  Doesn't mean I won't pick up enough thread of a single colour in the future but for now, it sits proudly on my table.


  1. omg- it is PERFECTION!!! The large size, the color changes, everything. It's so beautiful!

  2. These are fantastic! You did a completely beautiful job!!

  3. Stunning! I love your use for colour!


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