Thursday, October 7, 2010

Just Call Me Relic

Today was the first warm sunny day in quite a while so I decided to head to the shores of Lake Ontario and do a little beachcombing.

Normally I have no qualms about putting things I find at the beach in my pocket or bag.  This beach, however, is a little different.  Burlington is on the shores of Lake Ontario and the area that runs along the lake tends to be quite an upscale neighbourhood, if that makes sense.  I can visit but I don't live there.  Paletta Park is the site of a restored 1930's mansion on the shores of Lake Ontario.  It's quite stunning and I always find great things on the shore -- rocks, sea glass, bits of pottery.  But I'm always afraid that someone is going to tell me I can't take rocks from the shore.  This morning, there was a couple sitting on a bench quite a distance from me.  He had binoculars and every time I saw him looking through them, I felt sure he was watching me, observing.  Paranoid, I know.  Don't worry.  I didn't let this stop me.  Even the fear of being reprimanded didn't stop me from collecting.  I was just very subtle, sneaky.  Pick a rock up, bend down, slip it in my purposely oversized bag.  Smooth, I was, very smooth.   I felt a little like Relic from The Beachcombers except much cleaner.  (Excuse the reference to a classic Canadian TV series.  It's part of our psyche.)

Tomorrow I'll show you my new treasures.


  1. I can't wait to see your treasures! Those photos are gorgeous- I wish I could've been there. Lovely!

  2. Tara - Hello...I just linked here from Small Things (Ginny) and was thrilled to see that you lived in Ontario. I'm in London, ON. So nice to find someone from "around here." Looking forward to getting to "know" you and sharing in your adventures via your blog. We love getting to the lake - but sadly we have to travel 30 minutes to get there. :) -Debbie


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