Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I Heart Etsy

There are many reasons why I enjoy being part of the Etsy community.  One, I can find items here that I can't find at the mall.  Two, I don't have to go to the mall.  The third reason has to do with the fact that I love getting mail.  When I order something from a seller on Etsy, I get to experience the anticipation of waiting for a really, really good package.  I love opening the mailbox and seeing something other than a flat white envelope or something that is going to go directly into the recycling box.  And last week, I was the recipient of this pretty little package.

This is a fabric cuff made by Amy.    As she describes it, she makes pretty things from vintage and vintage inspired fabrics and her shop can be found here.  I love this cuff.  It is so pretty and comfy.  There is only one problem:  Not all of my clothes match it.  I may have to buy another one.

One more reason I heart Etsy:  the sellers themselves.  I like knowing where my item was made.  I like knowing the name of the person who made my item.  At times, it's almost like getting something from a friend.  Thanks, Amy.

And yes, it is raining again.


  1. Awww, Tara- you are so very welcome!!! This was so sweet of you to write about the cuff. I'm so glad it went to you.

    I also LOVE getting mail..waiting for a package is the best. Actually, it's really hard waiting, but it's so great when you see a little something peeking out of the mailbox and you know it's not just a flat envelope.

    Thanks again!!!

  2. Very cool cuff. I love etsy too and am thinking about starting up a little shop for some knitted items and some photography. Hmmm....we'll see.

    LOVE getting mail. xo


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