Monday, March 21, 2011

Welcome Spring

On this damp, grey but decidedly spring day, these little guys wanted to welcome spring with open arms, I mean, wings.

The pattern for the birds is from Ana Paula's book Amigurumi Two.  I attached them to a piece of driftwood scavenged from the shore of Lake Huron and they will be my little welcomers at the craft sale next month.  I want to decorate my table simply but I don't want it to be stark.  I wanted a little bit of nature and a little bit of whimsy.  I think this piece fulfills both of those criteria.  Oh, and it also had to be inexpensive.

Now I am trying to decide how to display the soap itself.  I'm going to have lip balms in a little felted bowl.  Not sure about the bath bombs yet.  Any ideas?

Here's to spring.  Let's raise our cups together.


  1. Cute! You come up with such creative stuff. Wish I had a display suggestion for the soap, but I think the smell alone will draw people and it won't be displayed for long.

    So happy to raise a cup to spring. Yes.

  2. Thanks for the cheer! Today it is snowing (hard!) in Western Massachusetts. But, I did hear the call of the red winged black bird when I went down to the mailbox. It made me smile.

  3. so cute! i think you should crochet bowls for everything! you are a master.

  4. Cute!!!
    Our first day of Spring in So Cal is cold and wet and not very Spring-like if you ask me!!!

    Can't wait to see your craft display set up...make sure you take lots of pics!!

  5. OOh, I used to do lots of displays and merchandising in my old job. Will your soap and bombs be wrapped? Will there be a sample of each out for people to smell? Bowls and baskets with a similar theme, material or colour are lovely for displaying things in and you could use small towels in pretty colours (to match your birdies? Or to complement each colour of soap? Or as a general and simple colour theme?) to pad them up so the soap isn't lost into the bottom of them. Plus you should definately think about levels and height toward the back of your display so things arn't all flat and static. Vintage wooden bottle crates (do a Google image search) are cool for this and are perfect for displaying smaller things like lip balms/ soap etc. You could paint them to match your scheme. Or stack smallish cardboard boxes (bigger down the bottom, smaller up the top) draped in material which is tucked in underneath to create a shelfy-ledgey type thing. Plus some beautifully printed signage about each product does wonders too - make sure your prices are very clear as people often pass by rather than ask (and buy!) if they can't see a price. PHEW! I'm sure your display will be lovely!!

  6. Found you by way of Soulemama...
    sweet creations!!!
    Loving your blog! Thanks!

  7. they are super cute! perfect for spring. are you considering selling your soaps online? all the flavours you have been making sound delicious.

  8. I am so excited for you. I didn't know you were going to do a craft show. Yes, sell you soaps online :)

  9. So cute! My daughter would love those little birds. I can not crotchet but I hope to learn soon. I can knit and did see a similar book at the library for knitting, maybe I'll give it a try . . . Happy Spring!


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