Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Grass Green Funk

Yesterday was a funk of a day.  The sun was shining, the snow was melting and I was in a funk.  I had ideas in my head, things I wanted to do but my body just didn't want to do anything.  I did manage to volunteer in Quinnie's class in the morning and it was a lot of fun.  But after that I floundered.  So I headed home for tea and a little knitting.

Caramel Cocoa Rooibois Tea in my Favourtie Cup
I worked on a sweater for myself.  It's the first sweater I have knit for myself in almost two years.  A simple sweater in a beautiful grass green in a chunky yarn.  The chunky yarn meant this sweater was knitting up quickly and I was looking forward to having a new sweater when the weather warmed up just a bit.  With just the sleeves left to knit, I could have a new sweater by the weekend.  The construction of the sweater allowed me to try it on as I was knitting.  Yep, not too snug.  Falls at the right place on my hips but . . . nope, don`t judge it until it is finished.

For the rest of the day, the fit of the sweater bothered me.  That evening, before knitting, I decided to try it on.  Yep, just as I thought.  I walked down to Mike and asked him what he thought.  Bless him.  He has been listening.  He looked: ``It has no shape.``  Good man.  Not ``you`` but ``it``.  And he was right.  The combination of that sweater pattern with a chunky yarn did not a good sweater make.  I look in the mirror again.  I mean, I know I am not greatly endowed but I am pretty sure I am not that flat chested.  (Not that I have ever had much of an issue with being on the smaller side.  Quite perky,  my breasts BC (Before Children).  I mean, I admit there have been times when I have wondered how the other half live.  One day at the beach might be nice.  But enough about my breasts.)  Nor am I that straight.  Straight and flat-chested.  I was not going to spend any more time on a sweater that was going to make me look flat-chested, straight and thick.  This sweater is toast.

I gave into the funk.  I made tea, grabbed a book and watched TV with Mike.  In that book, I found inspiration for the pile of grass green chunky yarn in my possession.  And it`s not going to be a sweater.



  1. cool cup! Glad you embraced time to just hang out a bit instead of more time on a sweater that just hangs a bit. This post made me laugh:)

  2. Maybe it's the weather? I feel the same as you. Sometimes it's good to just sit and relax, read or watch TV. I LOVE the mug, where did you find it? Sorry about the sweater.

  3. Great post!

    Love the glass mug and can't wait to see what's in store for the green chunky yarn!

  4. am giggling. have totally been there. a friend of mine has renounced sweaters altogether. i don't try to knit sweaters for myself anymore but love making them for ezra.

  5. Coming over from Tea Girl's place, where I saw your lovely blue ornaments featured on her blog. So cute -- love them!

    Just wanted to say hello...and I love your place here.

    For the record, I am feeling a bit funky this week too...but I think it's because we are in the midst of 7 straight days of GREY. Yuck!


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