Tuesday, March 22, 2011


It's that time of year.  Buds that have been sleeping through the winter are coming into their own, reaching for the sun.

I wish this hyacinth were in our garden.  Rather it sits on our windowsill, scenting the entire main floor of the house.

The boys seem to have entered a spring season as well.  Physically, they are growing ever taller.  New pants and new shoes will be on the spring shopping list.  One day I'll be looking up when I look in each of their eyes.  But what I am really noticing lately is how they are each coming into their own.

Our oldest, for years, was content with his circle being his immediate family.  Now I watch him forming new friendships outside of the home.  These friendships haven't weakened his connection with us but they have given him new experiences and new levels of relating to others.

Our youngest always had the confidence to take on any physical challenges facing him whether we wanted him to or not.  (He still tries to convince me that he should be allowed to go down the hill in front of our house on his scooter.  The creek at the bottom of the hill doesn't appear to be a concern for him.)  However, in a crowd, he was more likely to stay close to one of us.  Now I see his confidence growing as he asserts himself in groups of people.

So yes, there is a lot of blossoming going on around here.


  1. Those are some beautiful blossoms! I'm finally noticing the beginning blossoms around here. BIG smile.
    Such nice reflections on your boys' growth.

  2. Beautiful photos!!! Yeay for spring : )

  3. Pretty photos and lovely reflections. And yes they do grow fast...faster than you can imagine. My 14 year old just passed me up...taller than Mom is a weird thing...for the Mom not the kid..they love it!

    Happy Spring!!!

  4. I have always been amazed at how my kids change and grow. It is unstoppable, even though sometimes I wish it would. I just bought my son all new warm-weather clothes, as he has outgrown everything I had saved from last year. And, all of his long pants now have holes in the knees. I guess I have resigned myself to just letting him wear them like this until the weather turns warm enough for shorts.

  5. What a lovely post...you sound SO proud of your boys!
    I wish we could see more colour outside today...but we've a lot of white stuff back on the ground today...as I'm sure you do too!
    Thanks for passing by.

  6. Lovely post! I can smell the hyacinth from here :)

  7. Hello, Tara! Enjoyed seeing all your lovely creations at Amy's place today. I love your designs and your soap looks yummy :) Hyacinths are my favorite. There is nothing like that fragrance, no? I have a boy who outgrows things much faster than I can replace them, too :) When he gets holes in the knees of his jeans he begs me to cut them off. I secretly wonder if he isn't hard on the knees purposely to have them cut into shorts a little sooner. . .

  8. wow... those are some pretty big steps for your boys. i am at the stage where i can't imagine those things happening but of course i know they will. growing up is good.


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