Monday, March 7, 2011

Fight the Power

Oh, I do love my new soap mold that arrived today.  What I am not loving . . .

are the packing peanuts also held within the box.  And you know the regret you feel when you really, well, regret something?  I am regretting the suggestion that they would be a great craft material.

They are kind of great for crafting -- gluing, building, colouring.  Oh, and let's not forget the science lesson inherent in packing peanuts -- the power of static electricity.  It is kind of cool to pick up a big handful and throw them into the cardboard box only to see some of them hover and then jump right out again.

But I am fighting the power, people, the power of static electricity and it is kicking me.  There are tiny pieces everywhere -- on our clothes, our fingers, our hair, the cat`s (ahem) behind.   I sweep them up and as I tilt the dustpan towards the garbage, the peanuts do that little dance of theirs and are now stuck to the wall and the toilet.

If I were a better housekeeper, these peanuts just might drive me to the brink of insanity.  Instead,  I am preparing myself because so far only one little boy has been introduced to the packing peanuts.  There is still one more pair of hands that are going to want to dive into that box.


  1. All you need is some "POPPING" bubble wrap to join the party!! ;-)

  2. As moms we regret these kinds of decisions. As kids we love them. As adults who were kids that got to create with them we remember and smile. Sure more fun is ahead when your other son has fun with them too. (The cat thought is making me laugh.)

  3. I wish they would just outlaw those nasty Styrofoam peanuts and stick with the ones made of cornstarch. They are static-free, biodegradeable, AND if you lick them they stick to each other. Many a sculpture was made with cornstarch peanuts in my house growing up.

  4. Aaargh! I remember using these babies all the time as a kid for making collages. Amy is right, as kids we love 'em. I really hate the way that when you order something teeeny tiny it invariably arrives in a giant box paked with squillions of these things. Even a book, or some little thing that has no need for any packing at all except to be wrapped in brown paper and mailed. Grrrr! Lovely to see what craft projects you're up to though,as a novice Mummy I need the inspiration. x

  5. Oh we got some of these in a box of books I had ordered and the kids instantly started playing with them *grin*. They were everywhere! Those darn things wouldn't sweep together and everytime I thought I had a handle on them some of the little suckers would shoot off in a different direction LOL. They do make fun crafting materials though :)
    PS. love all of your soap photos!

  6. Who knew a person could write such an engaging post about packing peanuts!


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