Thursday, March 10, 2011

Squeeze, Sniff, Shake

Several weeks ago, I was the lucky winner of a giveaway hosted by Joanie at Nini Makes.  Well, two days ago the above package and pretty little bundle below arrived.  I apologize for the lighting.  They aren't the best photos, especially the one below but I received the package in the evening and wasn't able to open it until later that same night.  I guess I could have waited until the next day when I had better light.  No, I couldn't wait.  You know the person who sites beside the Christmas tree and shaes, squeezes and sniffs the presents?  That's me.  So to wait 12 hours when I wasn't forced by tradition  to wait was not going to happen.

Wrapped in the brown paper was a lavender filled sachet.  I love the colour combination, the fabrics, the scent, and each little stitch of Joanie's.  Enough words.  I'm just going to show you some photos of the little piece of art that now hangs from one of our doorknobs.

Pretty, huh?

And the surprise in that little bundle?  Some vintage crochet thread Joanie had found recently.

I think I see another crochet covered stone on the horizon.


  1. oooh! such a lucky girl you are. i'm going to make a post about my lucky giveaway from you as soon as i get home because i want to take pictures too!!! happy you got some good giveaway karma! i'll have to do a giveaway when i'm back in the states. the shipping costs here are outrageous.

  2. So, so pretty! I wouldn't be able to wait to open it either:)

  3. Lucky girl you are!! So pretty, and um, like yah...I wouldn't have waited either!!! ;-)

  4. It's all lovely! You are so lucky!

  5. How fun, the sachet is really pretty! I especially like the lacy bit t the bottom : )

  6. Brown paper packages tied up with string...these are a few of my favourite things. :)

    How I would love to receive that gorgeous parcel in the mail. It is so sweet. xo

  7. Oh, congratulations on being the lucky winner and recipient of Joanie's work! She is a true talent, an artist, a lovely human being with an enormous heart and soul. I have a matching "P" satchet, and I so treasure it.


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