Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Brotherly Love

After an incident that happened earlier this afternoon that resulted in Keegan having a pretty nasty gash on his right pinkie finger and a trip to the walk-in clinic to assure a whoozy, slightly nauseous mother that no stitches were required, my two boys have been inseparable for the last 4 hours.  (You can't even guess how many times it took me to spell "nauseous".  I had to look it up.  Even just now, I had to look at what I had just written.)  They are even having a sleep-over in Keegan's room.  About 5 minutes ago, they came rushing in, quinn carrying a piece of paper in his hand:

                                         Dear Quinn,
                                         All is forgiven.
                                                               Love, Keegan
                                         P.S. I love you.
                                         P.P.S.  Rilly All is forgiven.

Come on!  I think I have the two sweetest boys on the planet.  And they are certainly very lucky to have each other.


  1. Aww . . .that is sooo sweet . . . ! I love when kids prove how decent they are . . . so often they can be such monkeys that I want to pull my hair out. Glad the finger and the mama are okay : )

  2. Awwww that IS ultra sweet! Also, I have a reputation for being a walking dictionary and even I would have had to look up "nauseous".

  3. Tara, that is the sweetest thing EVER!
    How very special.
    Glad Keegan didn't need stitches!
    p.s. I wouldn't have known how to spell nauseous either...lol!)

  4. Very sweet, Tara. I often wonder how Isaac would be with a sibling. Something tells me he's an only child for a reason. :) xo

  5. You sure do. That melts me. So, so sweet. Congrats on making it to the point of spelling nauseous. Sounds like an experience! I'd be with you on the whoozy. . .

  6. Too cute!
    Sounds like quite the day...boys I tell you...been there myself a couple times. It's so great when they are great buddies and brothers!

    Hope you have a great day!

  7. that is so cute - and it's so funny too! what happened?

  8. Could you bottle up some of that sibling sweetness and send some to our house.

  9. that is truly very sweet. i hope he saves that note forever.


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