Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring Resolution

The boys awoke this morning to find non-traditional monsters in their baskets.

That is Tiffin on the left and Rictus on the right.  Both are waving "hello".  We met the monsters and their creator Jennifer last week at the craft show and the boys fell instantly in love with these guys.  I knew that they would end up in their baskets this morning.  Each monster is unique and there will never be another Tiffin or Rictus.  Kind of like the boys themselves.  They have been the boys' constant companions all day and even joined us for a pancake breakfast.  Since he is a peanut butter loving monster, Rictus had peanut butter on his pancake, of course. He may not like peanut butter himself but Keegan has ensured that there is a steady supply of PB available for Rictus.

While the boys were surprised with Easter monsters, we were surprised with milder temperatures and a little bit of sun peeking through the clouds today.  (It has been a cold, wet, pretty miserable spring.)  I was thus inspired to get outside and do some much needed cleaning up in the garden.

I have to admit that I am not much of a gardener but I am determined to be a better gardener than years gone by.  It's kind of like a gardening/spring  resolution.  I don't mind doing the physical work.  I quite like it, at times.  My biggest problem seems to be that I can not visualize the garden:  what should go where, how big will the plants grow, how will the plants look in two years.  I find it overwhelming.  This year, I am just going to work with the plants we already have (that is, get them under control), move things around if I need to and WEED.  I hate weeding but it needs to be done.  So the gardening books are out and I am finding my inspiration.

After having said that I am going to work with what we already have in the garden, I am now showing the lavender seedlings I started a few weeks ago.  Technically, I started the seeds before I made the resolution to work with the plants we already have so I haven't broken my resolution  . . .yet.  The seedlings are doing quite well and I am excited to add them to the garden.  One can never have too much lavender.

Here is a question for all the gardeners:  Our soil has quite a high clay content.  When preparing the beds two years ago, we added black soil but I notice large clumps of clay each spring.  Is there something I should be doing each spring to keep the soil healthy?


  1. oh my, i LOVE that grinch face! those monsters for your boys are so cool, what a great easter present. good luck with your gardening - i do a bit but sorry can't answer your soil question.

  2. Those monsters are fab- how adorable.

    Good luck with your gardening. The best thing for clay soil is to dig in loads of organic matter like compost or well rotted manure. You could also add some grit or sharp sand to improve the drainage. Clay soil does hold on to loads of nutrients though, so don't bemoan it too much xxx

  3. i was going to say the same as mother of purl, compost, compost, and maybe a little peat moss.

  4. I don't know which I like more-- those monsters or how much your (handsome) boys like their monsters! Fun.
    We have clay soil as well, and I have a lot to learn about gardening, but I do add compost each year and it seems to help.

  5. sorry, no help in that area :) love the lavender though!!

  6. Love those monsters!!!

    Sounds like a fun Easter....we planted our tomato plants yesterday and our basil. We have quite a lot of clay in the soil here too....Chad always remixes in some fresh "black" soil every year and we use this granulated organic fertilizer on the tomatoes that works magic!! We always seem to get a bumper crop!


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