Monday, April 18, 2011

Bust or Bliss?

On a cold, wet, very wet Saturday, my first craft show happened.  Here are some pictures of my table.

Two little blue birds to greet people.

I used a drawer from my bedside table to display some of my bar soaps.

I placed my soap disks on stacks of old books to give some dimension to my table.  I also couldn't resist the opportunity to use books.

These are little pots of sugar lip scrub.  I don't think I have mentioned the lip scrub.  I developed the recipe a couple of months ago.  It's a yummy little exfoliation treat for the lips that works really well.

I placed my business cards in one of my grandmother's tea cups.  I am excited because I ordered some pretty new cards that should be here in a couple of weeks.  In the background, you can see larger pots of hand and body sugar scrub.  After a little bit of trial and error, I also developed this recipe a couple of months ago.  Honestly, it is really hard work having to test the scrubs but somebody had to do it.  I offered the body scrub in two scents.   A Piece of Cake is a combination of chocolate and vanilla while Citrus Burst combined lemon, orange and pink grapefruit essential oils.

 So there it is.  That was my table but how was the craft show itself?  Interesting question.  Truthfully, as a craft show, it was a bit of a bust.  I don't know if it was due to the terrible weather or a lack of advertisement but we didn't have a strong turnout which was a shame because, although it was a small show, it was a really good group of vendors.  There was pottery, hand stamped and printed cards, candles,home made preserves and chocolates, hand stamped sterling silver jewelery, children's clothing, a textile artist that made the most awesome sock monsters that two little boys now covet and hand bags.  See, good variety, right?  The people just did not come.  The more seasoned vendors were less than impressed but it was still a positive first experience for me.  I was happy with my display and now know that I was well prepared.  I was proud of my products.  I received good feedback about my products and met some new people.  And I also sold some soap.  With the low cost of the table and the fact that everything I used for my display were items I had on hand, I even made a little money.    So bust?  Maybe.  But it got my toes wet and I am ready for more.  I packed my suitcases after the  show even more determined to sell my soap.   I am now searching out my next opportunity for a show and preparing my etsy shop to include my soaps.

What may have been a bust for some, was a bit of bliss for me.  


  1. So glad it was bliss for you. It is often a matter of perspective. I did think of you Saturday and wished I lived closer! Your table and products look lovely:)

  2. I looooove that you used books on your table. I may have to do that, too. I know I'm going to use my bed tray for height (I'm totally blanking right now on what those trays with the legs are called). Books would be awesome, too. Congrats on your first show!

  3. Tara, your table looked great! We LOVE our soaps, thank you!
    Can't wait to see you at your next show!

  4. I can relate to the whole "bust" thing. I have done some things and ended up losing money! Can't wait to see your soaps in your etsy shop :)

  5. Love your presentation - the use of the drawer and books is so smart! So glad you had a fun time. Saturday was a crazy day for us here in VA - a tornado hit our small town and tore the roof off our middle school and destroyed many of our school buses. My kiddos are home and no word yet on when school will start up again.

  6. Your table looked great!!

    I'm sure the weather had a lot to do with the lack of people, but like you said...a good way to get your feet wet. I've been to shows years back where people sold out of things and then people coming later in the day were met with empty tables...not good.

    Glad you enjoyed it!!

  7. everything looked so fantastic
    now if it would only warm up here in the land of forever winter

  8. too funny my word
    for validation was

  9. Sounds awesome...and I wish we could have been there. I am so wanting some of your soap. I need to get on making my own too. :)

    Your table looks great. LOVE the books and drawer. Someday I'll have my own show and just might steal some of your ideas. You are so creative and talented.

    I'm so glad you felt it was a positive experience. Onward and upward. xoxo

  10. So excited for you! I was hoping you would sell some soap on Etsy. I'm ready to purchase some!

  11. Wow, looks amazing. Well done Tara your products are beautiful! Bring it on.

  12. I love how you come up with such neat ideas for your display!!! Beautiful, and hopefully next time the crowds will be their to appreciate it!!

  13. Looks GREAT! just never know with these craft Shows...
    PLEASE come down to see what we're all about...I think you'll do BRILLIANTLY at our Mamas and Chicks Show...unfortunately we are ALL SOLD out...which is a HUGE shame because you have a fantastic set up!
    BOOK THE FALL date...October 21st!

  14. You are so clever! I love how you gussied up your table. Your soaps look just amazing, who could resist?

    One of the last shows I did was one of the very best in terms of the quality of the vendors. Seriously awesome talent there and no customers to be found anywhere. People were taking down their booths 2 hours in because there were literally NO customers. The organizers really have to work hard to make a successful show I think.

    Congrats to you on putting together a good table AND making a little money to boot!


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