Monday, April 11, 2011

Back to the Library

Last week the boys and I went to the library for the first time in three months.  Keegan had been complaining about not having any books to read.  Not true but I knew what he meant.  As much as I love outings to the bookstore, there are only so many trips that the budget can handle.  Not that we don't enjoy the library.  I loved going to the library as a child.  I remember sifting through the books, sitting at the window seat overlooking the river and then coming home with a tower of books.  Weekly trips to the library have been part of our life since Keegan was just a wee little man.   That is, they were a part of our life until three months ago.

Confession time.  I am horrible at returning books to the library on time.  I have the best intentions and I try, I really do.  I write it in my day planner but this seldom helps since there are years, yes, years, when I don't use a day planner.  I sign up for the electronic reminders from the library through my email but have yet to receive one notice.  The last librarian who suggested I sign up for the email notices did not believe me when I told her I already had.  She didn't actually use the words but I knew what she was thinking.  So the due dates pass unnoticed until the phone calls from the library begin a week later.  Perhaps I wouldn't find that automated voice so antagonistic if she could just pronounce my name correctly.  So three months ago, the fines had climbed their way to the point where I just could not bring myself to pay them.  They were not as bad as that sounds.  Christmas had just passed and I felt guilty about paying library fines at the time.  Although the fines were not terrible, I had reached the point where my library privileges were blocked.  Ugh.

Back to the present.  I sucked it up, paid the fines and the boys once again enjoyed browsing through the stacks.  As they browsed, I browsed and I spotted this book.

Interesting.  Into the bag it went and we headed home.

There is just something about cutting paper.  Quinn was only about 18 months old when he began using scissors to cut paper.  Keegan had not been that young but I think that had something to do with being a first-time parent rather than ability.  Anyways, watching his brother, Quinn pretty much insisted on having scissors too.  He would sit there for about an hour, just cutting paper into little pieces.  He loved it.  Keegan seems to be more interested in cutting holes in his socks.  Oh well.  To each his own.  So armed with this book, last week I began folding, drawing and cutting.

I now know what 18 month-old Quinn was feeling.  It is fun.  It is relaxing.  It is cutting paper.

Every couple of days, I have to cut a little paper.  I now have a little collection of paper cuttings scattered throughout the house.  I like looking at them swirling in the drafts.   I'm not sure what I will do with them, if anything.  They may become cards in the future.  They may just decorate our living space.  Who knows?  But I think I'll keep cutting.


  1. Tara, it's nice to know someone else out there is just as bad as I am about returning books to the library. I still have a pile I need to return so I think you have inspired me (once again) to just return them, pay the fines and start fresh!
    Your paper cutting's are wonderful!! How about making a mobile of some sort out of them cut out birds maybe?
    At least Quinn decided to cut his socks and not his hair :)

  2. How cool is that?! Glad you went to the library:) You and artistic endeavors get along quite nicely.

  3. So the ballerina!

    I haven't gone to the library in ages...our local one is undergoing a MAJOR reno and it's shall we say, just a wee bit of a mess..not overly inviting if you know what I mean.

    I have to agree on the pocketbook issue with the bookstore though...Ouch!

  4. I've seen that book and it is really a nice one. The paper you chose works so well with the designs you cut. I can't believe you went 3 months without going to the library! My family would be climbing the walls without a new influx of books, books on CD, and movies. The library is our main source for just about all media! XO

  5. Oh...I love pretty paper - everything about it. I bet cutting it and making it into something even more beautiful would indeed fulfill something deep inside of me. Must. Find. That. Book.

    We go to the library once a week but it's only because I attend an NVC class there. Isaac loves the library but sometimes I think he still doesn't get what it's for. As for scissors...he still can't cut with them. We are slowly working on that. Biting holes in his socks...he's great at. :)

  6. mmm... edward scissorhands you are... : ) i love it. these are so dainty and the paper you've chosen is so handsome. i want to cut now too!

  7. I am intrigued by paper cuts--I may have to look for that book! I have others in the series that I really like. So glad I found your blog! Thanks for leaving comments at mine.

  8. I definitely can relate to the therapeutic and relaxing benefits of papercutting. It truly is an art form and a unique way to decorate around the house. These are some great papercuts you've made - can't wait to see where they find themselves!

  9. Mine don't get returned until I get the "First Warning" in the mail! Not on purpose of course, it just always seems to work out that way.

    I love the papercuts you've done! There is something so ethereal about them - especially the rabbit and the dancer...and what pretty papers! Have you ever seen Scherenschnitte? It's a lovely blog full of papercuts!

  10. We're HUGE Library fans....but hate paying the fines...cheaper than buying new books though!
    Love cutting paper...My Mum has always just sat and cut...shapes etc...very relaxing.
    I am just about to POST about your stamp!
    GOOD LUCK with the craft fair!

  11. I'm a problem user too. Mine are returned late at least half the time, though I am improving. My new trick is to leave them out so I can see them even if they cause more clutter. It reminds me to read or use them and that there's a time limit. I wish our library had nice books like the one you checked out. Our library is more limited but I still like using it; there's usually at least one good book I come away with. Ours are under threat of closure with recent cutbacks so if we want to save them it's important to use them.
    Your paper cuts are so delicate and pretty, the paper is superb too!

  12. Your paper cuttings are lovely -- the mermaids are my favorite. The paper you chose is perfect for the wavy-floating-in-water effect.

    For years our library would send an email reminder after the materials were due. Just recently it started sending the reminder 3 days before the due date. So much better getting the reminder before rather than after although I am sure it must effect its revenue. I swear I must have financed the salary of one of our librarians with all my late fees.

  13. I have to confess to being a serial late returner and big fine payer. It's gotten to the point where I turn my head away and just hand the checkout person my credit card. Yesterday's books were only a day late, though! Yay!

    Love the papercuts!

  14. very impressive, i could barely do a snowflake cut out

  15. Nice cutouts. I love the library, but like you said, the books need to go back... however, I figure that if I have to pay a little every once in a while, it is still cheaper than buying. Nice blog you have here.


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