Friday, April 15, 2011

Defender of All Things Lego

Today is Super Hero Day at school.  Faced with the challenge of fulfilling a little boy`s desire to be a super hero without paying $40 for a costume, Keegan and I brainstormed.  Born from this clash of wills, skills and realistic expectations . . .

Lego Man!  Defender of all things Lego!   Apparently, this is the Lego Man pose, wielding his sword.  Yes, a sword,  And yes, that is my shadow.  We took this just before running off to school and I forgot about the position of the sun.  So we have Lego Man and his trusty sidekick Shadow Girl.

There is Shadow Girl again.

Lego Man`s powers all lie in his hat.  I think it confers powers of speed upon all who wear it since I have never seen Keegan get dressed so quickly for school.

Keegan was thrilled with his hand made costume.  Upon seeing the finished hat, he said, ``Oh, that`s just sick.``  That means he likes it.   That kid cracks me up.

I am now off to pick up Lego Man from school.  Happy weekend, everyone!  


  1. Too fun!!!

    The homemade - imagination inspired outfits and costumes are always the best.

    Happy Weekend to you too!!

  2. Good job! Happy weekend to you too x

  3. Oh Shadow Girl--this is Great! I imagine Lego Man had a great day at school:)

  4. He makes a great Lego Man! I love how you sewed Lego on the cap. You are Super Mom!

  5. that is so sick! lol... is he defending his legos from a little brother in the house?

  6. I love the Lego man. Ryan wanted to be rainbow man but after swimming and at 8:30 at night we deceided on Karate Man. Sorry I did not make it to your craft show today, the kids and I had a PJ day inthe house.


  7. We love legos! I hope the show was a success!


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