Friday, April 15, 2011

Ready and Waiting

The craft show is tomorrow and I am ready.  I did a mock set up today.  I wanted to ensure that what I had envisioned in my head would actually work as a display.

Then everything was packed up . . .

and now I wait.  I'll share pictures from the sale later on in the weekend.


  1. Looks good and like you have everything under control...the best of luck tomorrow!!

    Wish I was just a wee bit closer...I'd love to pop by for a look see!! ;-)

  2. can't wait. love your ingredients!!

  3. Can't wait to see pics. Wish I lived closer. . . would be a shopping fool at your display table. Guess I'll just have to go smell my little bit left of lavender/oatmeal soap to make due.

  4. Looks amazing Tara. I am excited for you! Looking forward to seeing it all tomorrow!

  5. what fun! cute vintage cases for transport. all your stuff looks so yummy and professional. great job! michael and i, way back before ezra, tried our hand at making face creams. we even had a trunk show at henri bendel's on fifth ave. i think we should've stuck to craft shows and we'd probably still be selling them today! good luck!

  6. Tara, Ian loving my lip balm which is so silky smooth and the body scrub is fantastic! I love the consistency. The display was so lovely and the packaging you developed really worked and showed your personality. I couldn't have imagined it better! I hope this is the first of many shows because your products are decadent. You are like a cosmetic chef. I can't wait to try the soap next.


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