Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dancing in the Kitchen

Two nights ago, as I was tucking Quinn in for the night, I looked out his window as I pulled the curtain shut.  Looking down from above, I could see the nieghbours' feet through the window in their door.  They were dancing in their kitchen with their dog at their feet.  It was a really beautiful moment.  A part of me wanted to take a picture but, one, I didn't have my camera nearby and, two, that would be just a little bit creepy, wouldn't it?  So instead I decided to draw the moment as best I can.

On a couple of occasions, I have attempted to dance with Mike in the house.  It either ends with him wiggling his arms like a spaz and bumping me all around or spinning me until I'm dizzy.  Not a moment you want to capture on film but still a special moment.


  1. I'm picturing Mike and his "wiggling the arms" move. Thanks for the laugh!


  2. oh, that is great. My husband and I were just discussing last night how little time we have with each other.

  3. That's sweet!! I agree though...a picture might have been a little creepy. ;-)

    Chad & I will dance in the kitchen sometimes...when we have the old record player going...neither one of us has much of a sense of rhythm though, so not really a Kodak moment!

  4. Wow, almost seems like something you would see out of a movie! We've danced with the kids in fun but never just us, but then again it's never just us in the kitchen...haha!

  5. Lovely. We are always dancing around the house. It's usually such a hoot - Fred and Isaac and myself. Fun times. :) Love the drawing. xo

  6. I love your drawing, I im,agine it captures the moment perfectly. Happy dancing x

  7. Wonderful way to capture the moment (your drawing)! That's the kind of thing I want to stop and do. . . dance in the moment. . . and get too driven with the need to dos instead. Good for you for making the attempt! Sounds like you get lots of smile from the experience:)

  8. That's too funny!
    Hope they don't read your blog!!! SPY girl!


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