Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend Crafting: Watercolours

While at the craft store this weekend to buy wool for felted clogs, I passed by the art supplies.  The trays of watercolours caught my eye and one just happened to land in my cart.  They are not the best quality watercolours but they sure are much better than the ones we've been using.  And the colours!  So pretty!  Who can resist them?  My little guy tried when I first suggested painting together.  Then he saw the new paints and resistance was futile.

I'm finding I'm more relaxed about drawing lately.  It happens spontaneously, a few minutes at a time.  I'm not worried that what I'm drawing doesn't "look right".  I'm just drawing.  And now painting a little too.  And you know what?  My page is no longer blank when I sit down to draw because the ideas are there.  The ideas are simple but I think that's what I need to do, what I always wanted to draw.  Kind of neat what happens when you get over those self-imposed expectations and just do something.


  1. That set of watercolors is like a box of enticing!! The boxes of watercolors at my house are WAY messier and not pretty at all, lol.

  2. I expect ours will get quite messy soon too, Amy, as the boys use them more often. Such is the fate of well-loved art supplies.

  3. Love the colors!!
    It just calls you to "come paint".


  4. The colors look magical. I love watercolors!

  5. I just told my daughters the other day that I think art is just as important as math--yet, we do math daily while forgetting to prioritize desired art time. These vibrant colors certainly remind me to fix that! Thanks for sharing:)


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