Friday, November 12, 2010

A Bird in the Hand

No school today.  Yeah!  So after sleeping in a bit, breakfast and a stop for donuts (yes, I know we just had breakfast), we were off to feed the birds.  The boys needed a few minutes to warm up to the idea of holding their hands out so we started by leaving seed out first.  It didn't take very long before we had our first visitor.

It wasn't long after this that little hands were reaching into the bag and scooping out seed, lots of seed.  Keegan  loved it and was quite successful.  At the ripe old age of 6 1/2, he had the patience to wait quietly.  Quinnie, however, was lacking just a little bit in the patience department but couldn't (or wouldn't) understand why the chickadees were landing on Kee's hand but not his.

Did you know there was cheating in chickadee feeding?  Neither did I.  Apparently, sticking your hand in front of the other person's hand when a chickadee is approaching constitutes cheating.  Who knew?  A 6 year old, that's who.

Keegan calls this a chickadee's dinner plate.  So cute!  He was actually able to get a chickadee to eat out of it too which was very exciting.

Don't worry.  I didn't break the branch.  I found it like this but it was just such a pretty colour of green.


  1. What a lovely day. I saw tons of kids today and didn't realize there was a day off for them until I saw it on the local school sign. (We learn at home.)

    Beautiful photos. And I hear you about your youngest and the patience department. We've been struggling with that all day. Myself included. :)

    Happy Weekend.

  2. What a fun day!
    Your photos are lovely...I really like the broken branch one.

    Ok, kids are too the chickadee plate!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. OK. These are officially the loveliest photos I've seen today. A chickadee? That bird is really called a chickadee? How absolutely brilliant.

  4. That is so awesome that you can feed the birds out of your hand...

  5. I'm jealous you had Friday off. We had Thursday off for Remembrance Day but were back on Friday, all day I kept thinking it was Monday. So confusing!

    Your pictures are delightful, and the bird feeding is wonderful. Out here we feed the whiskey jacks (grey jays) at the local mountain. They are bigger than chickadees and some greedy! Listening to the boy giggle as he and his friends fed them last summer was priceless.


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