Friday, November 26, 2010

Toadstool on a Grassy Stone

With winter really nipping at our heels today, last night I had grassy, spring mushroom thoughts.   I hasn't snowed yet but if the boys had anything to do with it, we would be out sledding this afternoon.  So while wishing for snow for them, I'll be looking to this little guy to remind me of the spring to follow.  I know I should probably embrace the cold, I just really don't want to at this moment.

Wishing all warm fingers and toes (and thoughts) in the months to come.


  1. Oh, that toadstool is really sweet.

    No snow here either. And while I've always been a winter girl, I'm longing for spring too...because I already miss gardening. And, I hate being cold. Sending you warm thoughts. Only...what - 4 months to go?

  2. Darling! Do you usually have snow by now? For us it's more likely to wait until late December. Although, the midwest is unpredictable!

  3. oh, my! i love this *so very* much! : )

  4. i can't say i'm in a spring mood of my own, but i like this mushroom on its spring grass very much! our snow has almost disappeared; here's hoping your boys have something to sled on soon.


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