Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween and a Splash of Colour

Much treating was done.  Much eating of said treats has already begun.  How early is too early for candy?  I know what my answer would have been when I was 4 but I'm afraid that my mommy answer is a little different.  Let the negotiations begin.  (Hint, boys:  Catch me at a weak moment.)

After waiting impatiently all day, Darth and Luigi were let loose on the neighbourhood.  Quinn is Luigi from Super Mario Brothers, of course.  This boy loves his video games (argh from a mommy who does not) and had decided midsummer that he was going to be Luigi.  And a mighty cute Luigi, I might say.  The moustache did not stay on long after the picture was taken.  This may have had to do with the fact that Mike had unknowingly sealed his lips together.  We thought he was awfully silent.  When I finally realized he was answering questions with a head nod, I asked if his lips were covered.  Head nod up and down.  Oops.

Keegan is Darth Vadar, a very interesting choice for him.  Kee has always been extremely sensitive regarding what he can watch on TV -- nothing with extreme action, mean characters, even some fairy tale characters --which has meshed just fine with what we are comfortable with the boys watching.  Recently, he watched a Star Wars Lego video game at a friend's house and decided then and there that he was going to be Darth Vadar.  Darth Vadar?  All in black?  Yep.  Even if we were to let him watch the movie, he wouldn't be able to watch it.  But he let his inner dark side out, in a very sweet manner, on Halloween.  And grudgingly wore his black rubber boots even though they had skull and crossbones on them and Darth Vadar's boots don't have anything on them.

I'm joining Emma at silverpebble for Splash of Colour 2010.  Here's my November Splash of Colour.


  1. Too cute!!!

    My one son was Mario a long time the Luigi costume.

    Happy Halloween!

    Glad you had fun! :-)

  2. Oh love those chairs - and are those spindle berries? Such beautiful colours.


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