Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend Crafting: Book Cozy

I tend to carry a book in my bag wherever I go because you just never know when the opportunity to read may arise.  I'll admit that it doesn't often happen but I don't want to take the chance of being stranded without a book.  There is a risk though.  Most times, my bookmark comes out of my book and I lose my place.  This irks me, oh does it irk me.  And then sometimes the corners get bent and guess what?  This kind of bothers me too.  Now I'm sounding kind of anal but I'm not really.  There is no need to be afraid to borrow a book from me.  I don't mind when books become worn.  It means they are well loved and well read.  But to become worn from my wallet smooshing it?  Different story.

So for the past few months, the idea for a book cozy has been rumbling around inside my head.  But it wasn't until last night while doing the dishes, that the idea for this pouch made from a felted sweater popped into my head.  It's a simple idea but I was excited.  (It is kind of embarassing how long it took me to come up with this but, on some days, I do call my youngest child by the cat's name.)  I would like to say that this was leisurely weekend crafting but it wasn't.  I had 30 minutes to work on it before our nightly chapter book.  I also have more urgent projects that need to be done.  I considered all this and then ran downstairs and pulled out my sewing machine.

My book cozy had to have a flap.  Otherwise, my book mark was just going to slip out the top of the book.  (See, I really have been thinking about this.)

I am pretty happy with how it turned out.  i love the colour.  I love how soft it is.  Yes, my blanket stitch could be neater but I was on a time line fueled by the feeling of guilt that there were other things I should be doing.   I figure my books deserve a little wooly love too.


  1. That is really clever! I may use that for my son's school book. He took a treasured book to school to read during silent reading time, and he wrapped the book in his raincoat to protect it (while he wore his t-shirt in the rain, sigh). A book bag like that would really help protect those reading books in his backpack.

  2. I love that orange cozy! It's perfect!

  3. What a brilliant idea! I LOVE the thought of a book being all safe and snug in it's cozy. Beautiful colour too, very seasonal for your part of the world!


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