Thursday, November 18, 2010

My New Favourite Hat (For Now)

I usually like to start with a picture because, well, it just seems like a nice way to start.  But today, I want to say a few words before the first picture.  I don't like having my picture taken.  I'm uncomfortable in front of the camera.  Do I look at the camera?  At the person?  To the side?  Smile?  if yes, teeth, no teeth?  If no smile, how do I not look grumpy or sad?  Yes, this goes through my head every time a camera is aimed in my direction.  However, I really wanted to show a hat that I knit a while back and a hat just doesn't look the same if it's not on a head.  So today the camera was aimed at me.  Oh, and I was doing the aiming so keep this in mind when you look at the first picture.

(See, I went with no smiling.)  Anyways, on to the hat.  This hat was knit several weeks ago.  I wanted a slightly slouchy, simple hat.  I came up with a plan and I knit.  When I finished, I thought the hat was perfect.  tried it on the next day, and I didn't like it as much as I had the previous evening.  After several more tries, i gave up.  I didn't like the hat.  It's been sitting on my dresser since then until I have the time to rip it out and start over.  So basically, it has been forgotten.  until this morning.  No time for a shower.  Saw the hat, plopped it on and you know what, now I kind of like it.  It has just the amount of slouchiness I wanted so it looks more accessory-like than toque-like yet is still warm and cozy.  It covers my greatly-in-need-of-a-cut hair fairly well.  I like the colour.  I just like the hat.  I can't promise I'll like it in a couple of weeks because that seems to be the way I am with all hats.  But for now, it's my new favourite hat.

After that first picture, I think I am owing some pretty pictures.  A gardener I am not but sometimes you don't have to be in order to find pretty things in the garden.



  1. I LOVE that hat! It has the perfect amount of slouch to it. I have so much trouble finding a hat that fits me correctly and doesn't ridiculous. I need one to match my new thrift store coat! I'm thinking a heather brown color and am keeping my eyes open!

  2. That hat looks great! Don't you just love hats on mornings like that!! Lifesaver! ;-)

    The leaf pictures are miss Fall colors here in So Cal.

  3. i think it looks like a great cozy hat. i like when they are a bit slouchy. and your autumn leaves pics are lovely.

  4. I'm the same in front of the camera but I think you look really lovely in this. I can see why you love the hat, it really suits you.

  5. ooh - it is a great hat! perfect amount of slouch for sure... ; ) i also have a hard time with pictures of myself now. it wasn't like this before i had my son - i think i just look so tired now and certainly since passing the age of 30 everything seems to be sagging a little and my smile isn't what it used to be. i can't stand smiling pictures of myself!!!! my teeth look crooked and oh. i could go on and on.... fortunately we have our children and the beauty that surrounds us to photograph.

  6. The hat is smashing, the new banner, even more so! That bowl, oh my...


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