Monday, January 3, 2011

Cell Phone Cozy

I am not what you would call a phone person.  I don't tend to call someone up just to chit chat.  I call with purpose, say what has to be said and then say good-bye.  When Keegan was born, Mike decided it was a good idea for me to have a cell phone for safety issues.  I agreed.  It would sit in my bag until the batteries died, sometimes I would charge it.  To be honest, most of the time I didn't even know where my phone was.  Please don't ask me for my number because I could only find it for you if my cell phone was turned on which was difficult to do when I didn't know where it was.  Do you see the cycle of cell phone non-usage?  It really irked Mike.  Really irked.

About a month ago, he had the opportunity to get me a new phone in the hopes that I would use it more.  He threw a little guilt into the mix as well.  I took it as a challenge and I am doing much better.  I remember it 75% of the time.  Still don't know the number but I know how to find it.  And I have actually used it a couple of times.  Baby steps, people, baby steps.

Since I had a new phone, I decided I needed a nice little cozy for it.  you know, something pretty.  So I made one.  I love hand sewing with wool felt.  So much so, (sew much sew -- i know, dorky little pun but it amuses me) that I made another one for the shop.  I see more such cozies in my future, just because I enjoy making them.


  1. Oh Tara, we are so much alike. When I had a cell phone, I never could find it. I had my number programmed into the phone so that if someone wanted it I could attempt to get it for them. This meant calling myself. Funny.

    I haven't had a cell phone in about 8 years. Fred has never had one. (Mine was a gift from my brother when I moved to Toronto.) We aren't cell phone people either and yet the odd time it would be so handly. Like when he steps out for groceries and I remember something NOT on the list. Ah well. For me, it's not a priority. I do quite well without one. Sounds as though you do too. :)

    I do however LOVE the cozy. Wool felt is GREAT. And they are so pretty.

  2. I have a pay by the minute cell phone. . . for which we rarely have to buy minutes. Does this tell you I get it?! Yet, a cute little cozy for my phone could make me very happy. Love it! The cheerful flower and stitching makes it all the better.

  3. I get it!! I am not much of a phone person eiter, well actually,I do chat on the home phone, more since we moved interstate leaving family and friends behind but mobiles are lost on me, and actually pun intended lol! If itisnt lost, its battery is dead or we need more credit :) Your cozy is cute and would probably give me incentive to carry it more often.

  4. those turned out so cute - very cheerful to liven up your phone. i am definitely not a phone person, rarely call anyone just to "chat". however, i think cell phones have just made me worse about it - now i can text someone rather than actually having to talk to them. how sad is that? :)

  5. We were talking about this just yesterday. I used to swear I would never have one. Now it is practically stuck to my ear. I make sure to go out without it now and again just to stop me from looking at it all the time, but I usually take it everywhere with me as it doubles as an instant camera and mini laptop too. What strange habits we form. Beautiful pouches though, lovely to soften the appearance of all those hard lines. x

  6. How adorable! I HAVE to make on for my iPhone!

    I use my phone a ridiculous amount. My excuse? We have no house phone. I use it for EVERYTHING.

    I think it is the nature of such things to fall into that corner of your purse where it becomes unreachable. You know, that tiny abyss that holds keys, fuzzy pieces of candy and bobby pins?

  7. Those are adorable Tara...might have to hint for one of those for my BD to Chad...too cute!!


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