Monday, January 31, 2011

How We See Ourselves

Keegan, myself and Quinn

First, gather the supplies (paper and oil pastels).  Second, gather the troops -- two little boys who like to do crafts but it has got to be the right project.  So our project for the day was to draw self-portraits.

I enjoyed seeing how our image of ourselves manifested itself on each piece of paper.  Keegan didn't veer far from reality, even to the green shirt he was wearing.  Quinn is not blonde but he thinks he is.  He does have much lighter brown hair than Keegan and I.  I may have once compared his hair to his father's who had blonde hair when he was just a little guy.  Hence, he always draws himself with blonde hair.  Pretty cute.  I think I stayed true except for one thing.  Do you see that light dusting of freckles on my nose?  I may actually have more freckles than that.  In fact, as I was adding the freckles, Quinnie said, "Don't forget the freckles on your neck, Mommy."  I chose to include just a few across the bridge of my nose.

Inspiration found here.


  1. I'm a freckle girl, too! Love these self-portraits. They all have being BRIGHT in common. . . nice.

  2. Very cool!
    I love seeing how kids draw themselves...the blond thing is very cute.

  3. I just love seeing all your drawings!

  4. love this,
    I'm a freckler as well..x

  5. this is really a wonderful insight into how we view ourselves. I would probably end up drawing myself 10 years younger and 10 lbs lighter

  6. cute! you're all great artists! nice that you passed it on to both boys...

  7. What a great idea, you have inspired me to do this with my kiddos. That is so cute Quinn drawing himself with blonde hair. Keegan's eyes are very neat!

  8. This sounds like a good activity for our predicted snow day tomorrow. Simple, not too many supplies (all on hand!), and what a great way to capture each person's spirit at that particular moment.

    I love your daily musings about life with kids. I think it's so important to capture as many of these moments as we can. That way in 10 years you will both remember that you sat with your son and did Legos and made meatballs for him when he had tonsilitis.

    Thanks for your comments on my posts, and I just wish I had more time (and focus!!) to visit here more often and leave a comment.


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