Friday, January 21, 2011

Sammie would like to congratulate Anushka!  I'll be contacting you soon, Anushka, and the mittens will be on their way to you soon.  I would like to thank everyone who entered my giveaway.  I appreciated each comment thank you for your extremely kind words.  It was also ridiculously fun and hope to host another giveaway in the future.

Happy weekending, everyone!

Sammie the Sock Monster was knit from a pattern designed by Rebecca Danger.


  1. omg! i am seeing my name in print on another blog - one of my favorites and i'm a winner! lol... this is really exciting - i have never won anything in my life. yipppeee! hey - i'm moving back to california in april and i guarantee you those mittens will come into great use. i'll be wearing them every morning and evening i'm sure. they're so so cute too! most of all, they'll just make me so happy to wear while i think of you my new friend.

  2. That sock monster is WAY cute!

  3. Sammie has spunk--cute! It's so fun you did the giveaway:)


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