Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pass the Bread, Please

Life is full of entrees.
Don't fill up on the bread.
 A local bistro has this on their outdoor sign.  The first few times I passed by I thought, "I know.  Grab the bull by the horn.  Don't say 'no' to opportunities.  Go skydiving."  Yada, yada, yada.  Then the last time I drove by, I thought, "But I like bread."  Toast, sandwiches, french toast.  With butter, jam, peanut butter.  Fried, baked.  I like bread. A lot.

And then I started thinking that I also like the bread of every day life.  A good book.  Coffee and conversation with a friend.  Watching the boys play.  Listening to my oldest sing as only a 6 year old can.  Spending the afternoon with my mom, chatting and watching curling.  (Yes, curling.  We are Canadian.)  Knitting in the evening while watching . . . Wait.  Should I admit this?  Maybe I shouldn't.  If I said a documentary would you believe me?  Okay, The Bachelor.  There.  Darn this honesty thing.

So, yes, I like bread.  I also like risotto.  And curry.  A good pot of soup.  Did I mention dessert?  But rarely does a day go by that I don't have bread.  So pass the bread please.

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  1. our new thing is to get a baguette instead of a croissant at the bakery. one each. lol... i just got one on the way home from my errands today. i thought as i was rounding the corner to my house that my body could be that much slimmer if i didn't indulge like this, but i thought that that is not a life worth living. really. bring on the bread!

  2. Yum! You're making me hungry...I haven't eaten lunch yet...it's pushing 3:00, I guess I better before it's dinner!
    And with my dinner tonight...naan bread to go with the asian chicken!

    So I wholeheartedly agree...Pass the bread!

  3. LOVE curling. And I love bread...a lot. Wheat and I don't get on so well, but I can't give up bread. And I prefer it white. My current faves; toasted bread with butter and honey, a 1/4 of a baguette sliced horizantally and stuffed with brie. Oh yum. Of course we use baguettes for french toast too. Really, if left to my own devices I would eat little other than bread. It's just that goo. (Also, love risotto and curry.) Can we have lunch someday. :)

  4. Love the cardinal photo.

    Bread is good. Risotto, even better.

  5. I just ate dinner, but now bread is sounding awfully good. Love bread, your cardinal photo, your honesty. . .and would you believe I've never seen curling?! I'll have to check it out sometime while enjoying bread:)

  6. ah, I am Canadian too! Well, born in Michigan but strong Canadian roots : )

    again, love your bird picture!!

  7. I think bread is the foundation to any day. (Great photo of that plump cardinal.)

  8. This past thanksgiving my cousin and I decided that if we could, we would live on bread and cheese alone. Really, good quality of each, there is nothing better.

  9. My favourite bread is a fried one my father used to make on occasional sunday mornings when I was small. It was normal white bread dough, cut into strips and deep fried till it grew bubbles and went golden in olive oil then sprinkled with sea salt. The smell was amazing and the taste even better - crunchy and salty on the outside, soft and irresistable on the inside. I really need to make it myself one day...


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