Thursday, January 27, 2011

Strange Sensation

In the car this morning, I experienced the strangest sensation.  It felt as though I had forgotten to wear pants.  A quick glance down assured me that I was wearing pants and still am, by the way.   Regardless, I could not seem to shake the feeling that I had forgotten my pants.  So strange.  Kind of weird too.  I often feel like I`ve forgotten something but don`t know what.  This time it was very clear what I thought I had forgotten but hadn`t.  Some time on my yoga mat seemed to help.

``Don`t create a problem.``  -- Steve, yoga instructor.

I`ll end with a picture of Toby just because he is one handsome cat.  And he has no choice.  He can`t forget his pants.


  1. Toby is gorgeous. Wow. Love his blue eyes.

    Not much a little time on the yoga mat can't fix. I'm glad you found your way there...and that you hadn't forgotten your pants; it's too cold for that. xo

  2. Don't create a problem could be a mantra for me. I tend to over-analyze things until they become a problem, even when they weren't to begin with!

    And Toby is definitely one handsome cat, oh my!

  3. Steve as in "inhale" on TV? just curious, I like him. And, thanks for sharing Toby!!

    and I think I have created problems that were not really problems this whole week!!!!!

  4. I tried to comment earlier, but my computer is moody today.

    Your missing pants feelings reminded me of dreams I'd have in grade school that I went to school in my jammies.

    Also, the cat is gorgeous. I can enjoy it in the pic b/c I'm too allergic to enjoy them in person.

  5. hehehe... that's funny. i have a friend who says "don't borrow trouble." i like that one too. i'm glad you didn't really forget your pants today. that would've been really embarrassing!

  6. Must be something in the air this week...I've had one of those days, every day this week!

    BTW your cat is gorgeous!

  7. I need a Steve :)

    Your kitty is so accommodating!

  8. Beautiful cat. And your mantra: don't create a problem. How is it that my mind can do this so easily?!

  9. That is a BEAUTIFUL photo of your cat, the lighting was purr sorry I couldn't resist!


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