Friday, January 20, 2012

Woman's Work?

A few weeks ago, Keegan (who is 7 years old) and I began watching cooking shows together.  Not often.  Once a week or so.

One of the shows we have watched has self-proclaimed terrible cooks pitted against each other as they learn to cook from professional chefs.  During the last episode, Keegan loudly says, "I get men not knowing how to cook but how does a woman not know how to cook?!"  Huh.  Who would have thought that those stereotypes can be ingrained at such a young age?  I think it's time to get going on those cooking lessons.

i also think it's time for Mike to cook a little more often.  


  1. that comment must have stopped you in your tracks!! My boy could stand some time in the kitchen. At least he knows how to turn on the gas stove - I am glad for that :)

  2. LOL! Maybe it's like it is around here -- my husband cooks, but he likes to experiment. Sometimes his meals are good, and he'll be the first to admit, sometimes not so much.

  3. That's a good one. Interestingly, my dad does most of the dinner cooking at my parent's home (well, it's just the two of them now), although my mom loves to bake. But it's interesting how quickly some ideas might be inlaid on kids.

  4. Too funny! Kids really do pick up on those societal stereotypes, don't they?
    x Katherine

  5. You just cook too well! My youngest makes comments about men working that stop me in my tracks. . . amazing what they think. Glad they share so we can clarify:)


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