Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Morning Sky

Happy I decided to get up a little early this morning to enjoy a quiet coffee before I do the grocery shopping.

It was a pretty sky, especially if you don't mind living across from a cemetery.  Which we don't.


  1. It looks beautiful! It must be rather peaceful being across from a cemetery.
    x Katherine

  2. gorgeous sky, thanks for sharing.

  3. That first shot is so pretty and I love the colours. Sounds like a blissful morning.


  4. What lovely wintery pictures, I'm feeling snow envy when I see such super photos from North America! We are having a very mild winter here in London.

  5. Beautiful. I specifically remember our Sunday morning sky having streaks of pink because that phrase, streaks of pink, kept floating through my mind as I opened the blinds. No lavender here though. Is there anything more beautiful than branches against the sky? Also, I think there's something quiet and peaceful about a cemetery.

  6. Your pictures are gorgeous! SO glad I stopped by today:))


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