Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's Been Quiet

2011 ended so well.  A walk in the woods on a mild New Year's Eve day.  Chickadees feeding from our hands.  An after dark treat at a local cafe.  We quietly said good bye to 2011 and hello to 2012 and all was good.  While welcoming 2012, I quietly made plans.  As we all do, I guess.  And in my head, these plans unfurled smoothly and quietly, with to-do lists quietly being checked off.  I had no grand resolutions, just getting back to a quiet routine of doing the everyday stuff.

Then 2012, with all its preschooler brashness, kicked me in the pants.  In the middle of last week, an upper respiratory tract infection with its attending fever and subsequent dehydration (yes, I let myself get dehydrated.  Who knew?  Well, I did but I wasn't paying attention.)  knocked me off my feet for 5 days.  For five days, I did nothing but lie in bed.  I couldn't even read a book until yesterday.  Today  I feel welcomed back to the world of the functioning, not the quickly-moving-highly-efficient-check-things-off functioning (to be honest, I have never been a member of that group) but the slowly-moving-take-a-bath-eat-a-bowl-of-soup functioning.  It feels good to be back.

I think it will still be a couple of more days before I quietly start working on my first to-do list of the new year.    I just missed five days of hanging out with the two of the most interesting little people I know and I have some catching up to do.

memorial on log bench in the woods


  1. glad you are feeling better. what a rough way to start the year. my husband has been sick the last 4 days. my daugther was sick for 3 weeks!! not good but both on the mend. continue to feel well. love the bird picture.

  2. happy to hear you are on the mend. i know what you mean though; 2012 has definitely not started out like i planned and nothing is getting crossed off my list anytime soon. but, we do what we can, and i'm sure you'll be up to your usual level soon.

  3. That's rotten. I'm so glad you're better, and I know post holidays seems a vulnerable time for sickness to kick us, but I'm sorry you missed time with your boys. Five days. Gee, now that's sickness. Keep easing back into things. I think you deserve more time to heal and ignore to-do lists! Saying a prayer for you.


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