Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Squirreling Away

It has been a great summer so far.  Lazy days intermingle with busy days, both flying by far too quickly.  Spending time with friends and family, enjoying the company of both.

Some, I know, are preparing for the cooler days ahead with canning, pickling, preserving, jamming.  As much as I love seeing other people's jars all lined up on shelves, I am just not a  canning/jamming/pickling person.  Even as I was reading my book last night, I read a passage in which the woman was taking stock of her pantry with a deep satisfaction.  "I counted over my hoard like a squirrel reckoning nuts, and felt soothed by our abundance." (Drums of Autumn, Diana Gabaldon)  As I read of Claire's rows of potatoes, jars of dried tomatoes and braids of onion and garlic, for a brief moment I felt her satisfaction and thought, "maybe next year."  Then I shook my head and realized I really didn't want to preserve food, as much as I appreciate the act itself.

But there is one thing I  am doing to prepare for the cold days of autumn and winter.  And again, this activity is mentioned in the same book but it is not Claire with whom I share this activity but the brawny Jamie.  Apparently, both Jamie and I can knit a mean pair of socks.

A recently finished pair 
in progress
to be mended
 Not that I particularly like darning socks but I set about learning how to properly do it last fall after finding that wooden sock mushroom (at least I think that is what it is called) at an antique shop.  It makes me feel very grounded to mend my own hand knit socks.

It may not be nuts but in my own way, I am squirreling away for the winter days to come.  (I know I just said the "w" word.  My deepest apologies to those I have reminded.)

**  A little aside:  I have begun listing soaps in my Etsy shop  here if you feel so inclined to take a peek.  Soaps are being added slowly as I find quiet moments during the day . . . and evening.


  1. canning is daunting. I can take it or leave it. Knitting is much less work :)

  2. your socks and soap are fabulous! i'm seeing a new sign at your next craft show - socks and soap! : )

  3. Lovely socks! We buy our onions in Roscoff, Brittany. They come in beautiful strands and I use them through the winter in London. I do have apricot jam and apple and blackberry jam ready to take back with me :-)
    Must get the book you mention!

  4. Canning is a lot of work, though rewarding. We have an apricot tree, so this year I made jam. It was work but now as we are enjoying it on toast each morning, it is very rewarding to know that I did it myself!

    Love the color of the "in progress" yarn...pretty!!

  5. Tara, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if you did start canning etc, you are so talented in so many areas I bet you would be great at that too! Although I bet finding the time between kids, soaps, socks, life itself may pose a challenge!

  6. I want to can. . . but that may because I've never done it! 111 degrees here right now--use the W word all you want! I'm excited to order soap:)

  7. My in-laws can everything ... so I don't feel the need. ;-)
    Pretty, pretty socks. Almost makes me want to learn to knit.

    And thanks for stopping by my site. I always get a kick out of your comments.

  8. I envy those with their cans of jellies and relishes, and this year I got as far as googling some recipes. Oy vey. That's a lot of work and 'stuff' needed. I'll just wait another year. :) And with that, I, too, cast on a sock.

  9. wow those pink socks are GORGEOUS. I would love to knit even just ONE pair!! Going off to check out your soaps now :)

  10. Beautiful socks! I always dream about canning food, but it never happens... Not sure if I'm too lazy or if I just have to learn it...

  11. Lovely! I just interviewed a darner over at my blog:


    Perhaps you, too, should consider setting up shop? @:-)


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