Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Rusty tobacco tin

A couple of weeks ago, my mom and I went on what we now call our annual Mother's Day outing.  You see, my oldest son was born on Mother's Day.  It was a pretty cool way to celebrate my first Mother's Day although I have to admit that most of the day is a blur.  As a result, the past seven years we have tended to celebrate his birthday as a family on Mother's Day.  And as happens when you have a generous mother, she hosts the party and seems to do most of the preparation too.  (i know.  You can all shake your heads at me.  Unfortunately, I am one of those people who doesn't tend to enjoy planning big events.)  Guilt finally overcame me last year and I suggested to her that we have a day later in the summer to ourselves to celebrate Mother's Day.  A little day trip.  A little shopping.  Lunch.  She agreed and a tradition was born.

This year my aunt and her daughter joined us and we drove to nearby Elora, Ontario  situated on the spectacular Elora Gorge.  Elora is a beautiful town that is perfect for wandering, finding treasures in the unique shops and antique stores.  One antique store we explored had many theatrical treasures.  Nestled away on one of the shelves I spotted two small wrapped packages with a sign reading "Surprise Packages  $2.99  No Trades."  I can't resist surprise packages.  Neither can my aunt and we both eagerly grabbed a package.  She got a little glass jar.  I got a rusty tobacco tin.  Not much of a treasure but a nice memento of a great day.

Speaking of treasures . . . As we were preparing to leave Elora for the day, I spotted a colourful century home with a sign:   Sweet Trash Vintage Clothier .  As a side note, mom that it was a candy store and was preparing to buy treats for the boys.  She was a little disappointed, I think, until we stepped inside and found ourselves surrounded by beautiful vintage clothing.  As we made our way upstairs, we found the bridal room. I am pretty sure I want to get married again just so I can buy one of those wedding gowns.  As Plan B, I suggested to my cousin that she could buy her wedding gown  here (she's not engaged) and I would gladly be a bridesmaid.  (They also have bridesmaid dresses.)  She's very sweet and just smiled obligingly at me.

People tend to do that sometimes when I suggest something.  Just smile and nod.  My husband has it down to a science.  Just smile and nod and walk away.



  1. Cute post Tara! I'm with you on the surprise packages...except that last time I did that (many, many years ago) I got a kitchen witch!! Some strange looking creature with a long nose that you were supposed to hang in the kitchen. Hmmmm...not!

    That vintage clothing store sounds right up my alley!!!

  2. ooooo surprise packages! I LOVE that... I would've liked the little glass jar better than the tobacco tin, probably. lol.. still awesome, though!

  3. Wow, your family are kind with a smile and a nod. Mine usually give me something more like a snort, then walk away.

    I love that you buy the surprise packages. What a sweet tradition for you and your mom too. I look forward to spending mother's day with my mom again one day when she's not too far away. Jx

  4. cool tradition! happy belated mother's day!

  5. smiling and nodding now:)
    my, I'm behind from a week away. I'd totally missed some of these posts!
    A couple weeks ago my mom, aunt, cousin, and I went to breakfast. It was such a fun and special time where I felt like I was prioritizing the people who matter most to me. Your Mother's Day outing is an inspiring idea. Would be so fun if those dresses DID end up in you and your cousin's future. . .


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