Monday, May 9, 2011

Seven Years Today

Yesterday morning, he greeted me with a big hug.  This morning, I greeted him with a hug and a song (to which I received, "Mo-om," and a huge grin) and chocolate chip muffins with a candle.

Seven years and two days ago, Keegan let us know about his impending birth but we had to be patient.  This birth was going to occur according to Keegan time and nothing, NOTHING, that the doctors did was going to rush him.  Two days later he was born.  In the seven years since his birth, I often find myself amazed with how much the story of his birth is reflected in Keegan's general attitude toward life in general.  He doesn't do anything until he is ready to do it and there is very little that can convince him otherwise.  This can sometimes lead to frustrating moments.  As a person who has in the past sometimes felt coerced into things I did not want to do, I so admire this trait of his.  I am hoping it will steer him in the right direction during his adolescent years.  As a parent, I couldn't be more proud of him and how he stays true to himself.

He is a serious boy with the best smile.

At times, he has the soul of a wise old man trapped in the body of a skinny little boy.

His sensitive side at times has tested our patience.  I have learned just how much patience I have.

He is wildly intelligent, insightful and imaginative.  I look forward to the man he will become.

He is responsible for leading us into this wild ride called parenthood and we couldn't be happier.

Happy 7th birthday, Keegan!  Long may the Lego bricks snap into place for you.


  1. Happy Birthday Keegan!It sounds as though you have a brilliant little boy there, so sweet. I always love to hear stories of how different children are born into this world, but it's fantastic to hear about someone who has been through a similarly long and drawn-out labour as mine was when I had Violet. I never knew I had such stamina! Our babies must have both been too happy and cosy in there to hurry out. x

  2. Happy Birthday to your Boy :)

  3. Wonderful tribute! I do think it's fascinating how God gives us children with traits we can find beneficial if we'll pay attention and learn. Yes, may Keegan always stay true to who he is. Love your last line about the Legos!

  4. so touching to read a mother's tribute to her son. keegan sounds like a kid strongly approaching the world on his own terms - i hope he had an awesome day and another great year ahead!

  5. How lovely Tara! Isn't it funny how their personalities stay so constant....I have one that is very much like that too.

    Happy Birthday to Keegan!!

    Hope you all enjoy a wonderful day together!!

  6. i love your words today on your first born's birthday. how special his birthday is the day after mother's day this year (or is it every year?). happy birthday keegan!

  7. I smiled large this morning when I saw this article online:
    You may need to visit KC!! I think it's so fun the article came out on your lego loving boy's b-day:)

  8. Happy birthday! What a sweet boy. My boy turns 8 in August. Seven has been a fantastic year.


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