Monday, May 16, 2011

Have Box, Will Travel

Inspired by a recent episode of Dr. Who.  (And yes, I just revealed a side of myself that leans towards dorky, geeky, whatever you want to call it.  I also have a small collection of graphic novels.  The husband has come to terms with this side of me.)

"A boy and his box exploring the world."  Words similar to these were spoken near the end of the latest episode of Dr. Who.  As the mother of two young boys, these words struck me and this was the image that popped in my head.

I would like to think that with a good book (or several) and whatever we as parents are able to share with them ( an old cardboard box, words of advice, a hug), each of our boys will set out into the world, exploring in a fashion best suited to who they are as individuals.


  1. That is a great quote.
    I wasn't a fan of Dr. Who growing up, but I love this incarnation.
    The show's still geeky, but seems more whimsical than previous doctors.

  2. Is this your artwork? Great! Love your takeaway thoughts in the last paragraph.

  3. that drawing is so good! Your words are perfect for it too.

  4. love that quote. that is TOTALLY my son he's 10 & still has adventures with boxes.

  5. Love it!! My boys will still play with a box...(if it's big enough) and they are teens!! Love imaginative play!!

  6. Ah yes - love a boy and his box. Of course I love your dorky side because...I have it too. :) DW rocks!


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