Monday, February 28, 2011


Over the weekend, a case of strep throat had me down for the count for the better part of two days (Friday and Saturday).  Mike stepped up to the plate (last sports metaphor, I promise) and was on his own with the two boys for most of that time.

Saturday afternoon found me nestled under blankets, waiting for the antibiotics to kick in.  Through the fog that was my mental awareness, I hear Mike's voice:  "The world does not revolve around you."  I smiled.  Silly man.

Later that evening, I called him on the statement and he giggled.  He couldn't help it.  Every time he tried to do something, someone needed something, right at that moment.  "You do know that the world revolves around you when you are five and six, right?"  "Yeah, it used to revolve around me.  Feel free to use that line whenever you want."

Fast forward to today.  The weather allowed us to pretend that spring had actually arrived on the last day of February.  It hasn't but we took advantage of the spring-like weather and Quinn, I mean, Jabba and I went for a walk.  Jabba?  Yep, Jabba and Princess Leia went for a walk.  See, I know who my day revolves around and today, one of those little suns wanted to be called Jabba the Hut.  At the moment, their world revolves around Star Wars and Lego.

Hmm, if the boys are my sun, what does that make Mike?  The rings to my Saturn?  It is Saturn with the rings, right?

P.S.  Just to clarify, I was Princess Leia.  He says we have the same hair.  We don't.  But I am tempted to give it a try someday.


  1. Glad you're feeling better and able to enjoy the nice weather along with Jabba:) We're prone to strep around here. . . miserable! Liked your metaphors.

  2. I'm happy you're better too, strep is no fun! Glad the weather is warming too and I'm sure Jabba and Princess Leia are very pleased about it too. We had snow flurries today, numb fingers are back :(

  3. i hope you are all better now princess leia. this post made me smile. i misread it at first when your husband said, "the world does not revolve around you." i thought he was talking to you! and your retort was funny. but, it was still funny and nicer after hearing it was to the boys. lol.. so, they still think the world revolves around them at 5 and 6? actually i knew that. i think these are the last two years... i liked reading this glimpse into your world. sorry you're sick though. : (

  4. Glad you're feeling better...strep is so yucky...I haven't had that in ages and don't care to anytime soon!!!

    Very cute post..made me smile, which what I need now at the end of a long day. It's actually not over yet and I still have a million and one things to do, but I'm taking a much needed "blog" break! ;-)

  5. Sorry about the strep throat! I'm glad you're feeling better.

  6. I like this. Very whimsical!



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