Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ignoring the Song of the Siren

Inspiration does not always strike at the most opportune moments.

 I had been mulling something over for a while but wasn't sure where, if anywhere, it was going.  I don't even know if I can call it mulling.  It was just there, floating around inside my head.  Then, while taking a shower this morning, a couple of ideas collided and I felt inspired/motivated.  Jumped out of the shower, got dressed, quickly ensured the boys were half-heartedly getting dressed themselves and then ran downstairs.  When I should have been getting breakfast ready, I was working on something entirely unrelated to breakfast.  I knew I only had a couple of minutes so i worked quickly, getting a rough idea of where this project was headed.  Then I started thinking about how I could fit this into the day.  A minute here, a couple of minutes there, maybe this evening.  And then something kind of unheard of happened.

I focused.  I focused on the day itself, on the projects to which I had already made a commitment.  Then I put the crochet hook and felt acorns on the table and I walked upstairs to the kitchen.  That idea will still be there in a few months.  It's not going anywhere.  I realized if I chose to follow the idea at this moment, like the siren's song, it would lead me to no good.  I would like to think I'm stronger than Odysseus' men and stronger than Odysseus himself.  I certainly don't need to tie myself to the mast of a ship.  I can just come back another time, a time when I can give the idea the time it needs.

Instead I'm going to focus on my latest obsession -- handmade beauty products.  Yep, more puttering.  This time I'm working on an all natural facial scrub.

Admittedly, it doesn't look very appetizing but it does feel awfully nice on the skin.

So you see, I closed my ears to one siren's song while dancing right into the arms of another.


  1. Yeah, sometimes we just have to mix it up!
    Hope your creative river stream back soon!

  2. Facial scrubs are yummy...and you're right, they feel sooooo good on the skin. I have unfocused days too, think we all do, and sometimes you need to put yourself back on the original track, but other days it's good to follow the siren. I've had great moments by doing that!
    Can't wait to see what all your puttering brings!

  3. I ordered lipbalm tubes too. Have been meaning to past year? Excited to start (or continue with) my own puttering.

  4. i thought you were going to say when you walked to the kitchen there were your boys making breakfast all by themselves (smile) and that you were able to go back and pick up your crochet hook after all. : ) hehee... i hope you find the time sooner than later.

  5. I am curious of your scrub recipe : )

  6. I too am interested in the scrub recipe! This post is helpful to me--I get little piles thanks to listening to the siren song. Focus is so important and can be so hard. Enjoy your creative endeavors!

  7. Ooh does that scrub have oats in it? It looks good.

    It's funny that feeling isn't it - an idea rumbling and muttering in the back of the head and then suddenly crystallising into something. It can be thrilling but frustrating too.

  8. that's awesome. sometimes i need to just write an idea down and in doing so i feel it's kept safe until i'm ready to visit it for real.


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