Monday, February 7, 2011

Over Coffee

Over coffee this weekend I have . . .

wished that I could make my little man's cough disappear.  Without fail, Keegan develops a cough, a horrible, gut-wrenching cough, every time he gets a head cold.

wandered the mall with a good friend while nibbling on chocolate.  Okay, maybe "nibbling" makes it sound much more lady-like than it actually was.  I had eaten both of my chocolates before she even pulled her second one out of the bag.

read a good book.

did a little research about how to make more homemade beauty products.   I think I've developed a great recipe for lip balm and am anxiously awaiting the lip balm tubes I've ordered.  I have also been planning my next batch of soap which will happen later this week.

watched snowflakes.

thought about my afternoon pot of tea.  As much as I love a good mug of coffee in the morning, I also love a good cup of tea, especially since rediscovering loose leaf tea, thanks in part to Amy.

I wanted to draw this morning but I didn't know what to draw.  So I drew my mug of coffee.  I wanted to write this morning but I didn't know what to write.  So I thought about the mug of coffee I was drawing and its predecessors of the weekend, of what I had been doing or thinking while drinking those cups of coffee.  Who knew I could be so productive while drinking coffee?


  1. i like your drawing. this one looks like a comic book picture. your weekend recap was fun to read - although i'm not happy about keegan's cough. ; (
    i hope he's on the mend and that you find the perfect tea. i wonder what you'll do over a cup of tea!

  2. You even made me enjoy "drinking coffee" while reading this:) What a delightful recap. So glad you're doing more on the beauty products. I liked that related post and keep thinking about it.
    I do hope your boy gets well soon!

  3.'m sitting here drinking mine while reading your post! ;-)

    Hope you have a Happy Monday!

  4. My daughter gets that cough every time she gets a cold. I always feel so badly for her.

    And only two chocolates? You should hang out with me sometime. We could really go to town.

  5. Loose leaf tea, good quality stuff, is just divine. I try my hardest not to have too much choclate, but when I do, I just about inhale it!

  6. It is a pleasure to read you (with a cup of coffee surely). I can really see myself reading you after a long day. Relaxing and inspiring.

  7. coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoons makes for a good day :)

  8. Loose leaf tea is just heaven on earth. There is a lovely health food store in town where I stock up on Jasmine tea.


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